Does anyone actually run MP9 or 10?

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    It takes soooooo long to kill champions/elites (unless of course you're Pwnzmaomao). I don't see the benefit.

    I've been running MP0 for the max XP gain/time and item drop... What about you?
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    Yeah, like you said, for loot/XP you go low MP (for some this means MP4 = low if they have insane gear or whatever).

    I was totally sick of this and thought about quitting, and actually convinced my mates to say "f*** efficiency, let's have some fun". We got ourselves a bit more EHP and are running MP10 every now and then, yes. It takes a while, but you know... 1) 100% chance for bonus drops 2) 100% chance for a key 3) some challenge when you go for the bosses (Butcher 250m HP before enrage is pretty sick) and 4) it's just some distraction from the mindless grind every f***ing day.
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    I do it for poops and giggles.

    And even the barb you linked can't farm it efficiently. Not even the world's top wizard (500K unbuffed DPS) as a CM-stunlock wizard can't farm it efficiently.
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    I do it occasionally, but usually farm on 4-5 for balance between efficiency and challenge. I can farm it easily enough, but its just gets a little mind numbing when you have to wail on a mob for a minute to kill it
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    When the MP firstly went live released I took my very lowly geared monk (<40k dps) to MP 10 and it took me ~10mins to kill one champion pack (no dying, but a lot of hit & run), it was exhausting but great fun. :P I normally do a MP4-5 now which has some oh-shit moments from time to time but also not too much frustration. I don't mind "efficiency", I play for fun. :)
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    I've been doing MP1. Better quality drops, and not much of a difficulty bump.
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    That's one impressive (and expensive) Barb setup linked there. Guess he doesn't need the all res with that much dps!

    I've been running MP4 as a farm recently (104k unbuffed WW Skorn build), rarely die and champ packs die easily. Haven't tried on higher MP yet due to only recently upgrading the gear. I did MP10 Ubers for a ring a few days ago and was surprised at how well I survived, but it took so long to down anything when I was away from the group, that I wouldn't even entertain trying it solo until I've got min 300k dps.

    My current target is only to make MP5 easily farmable. I'm happy with a 50% key and organ drop rate, so if I can gear up to solo for them then I'll be happily farming my Paragons away while I collect a few rings for my other characters.
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    I run MP6 for keys/übers but only mp1 when paralvling.
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    Yeah MP 9 or 10 is never going to be efficient and even if the higher MPs had a bigger reward its still way more fun to roflstomp through the game.
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