How to detect botting in the year 2030

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    Imagine a not too distant future where the technology exists to send external signals to your nervous system, bypassing your brain, making your body do stuff while your brain can relax and focus on other things. The government will ban it of course but there will still be some third party developers making hacks allowing you to write your own code and use it on yourself making your body perform the tedious daily routines such as cleaning, shopping for groceries or even working while you (meaning your brain) is chilling and reading the latest news on (probably that PVP is going to be introduced to D3 "soon").

    My question is, how do you think we'll be able to see if the person is botting? I have a few suggestions:
    1. Drop a coin on the street and see the bots turning and walking towards it. Pick it up before they arrive and watch then stand there all confused.
    2. A person trying to enter the elevator before the doors are opened is a dead give-away.
    3. Botting persons will not respond when you try to talk to them.
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    Dude, we'd use actual robots instead of humans. If we can program and overwrite a brain, then we can for sure make a robot. Robots dont need food or rest, they would be far more efficient.
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    if that is possible world as u know it over. Not to mention the miliatary uses (and the fact that as mentioned earlier robots or ai would be way better in every way considering the brain power they would have far surpasses that of a human) everyone would be hacked and fucked over big time :P.
    Also being able to programme a brain by 2030 is abit ambitious if not insanely.
    and ur rules seem kinda dull cause if u have the ability to program a brain u surely have the technologi to have a propper ai running even if u would for some reason beyond me not just use a robot
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    Niddro, bots can be far more advanced than that, it just depends on how much effort the coder has put into it, and how many possible scenarios he has considered.
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    Damn u guys are boring =P

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    The Voight-Kampff test from Blade Runner will be used. That was what immediately popped into my head after reading the topic title.
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    Have you ever seen the movie Surrogates with Bruce Willis? It's pretty much spot on to what you're talking about. I would never do that.
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    What costs more: Purchasing and maintaining a cleaning robot, or paying minimum wage to a maid? Sadly, as long as we have so many uneducated people will to do tedious labor for a living, we will never get robot servents.
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    Id use it to work out like crazy.

    Also the 3rd party illegal companies wouldn't charge you money, they'd charge you time to use your body while your brain is chilling, and do weird stuff with it.
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    It's not really relevant, since by 2031 they will be able to send signals by wifi to our brain. That's when we are fucked.
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    maybe we are already all bots controlled by the gov and the crazy ppl in the mental institutions are ppl with bugged software , the one hitting their heads toward wall all the time are just bots stuck in infinite loop :o

    ... but lets be srs the world will end in 12 days , so no worry :D
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