Help a new player out (build and gear ideas)

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    What am I doing wrong:

    my char is 42 (Barb) and currently at Kulle, I try and try and just can't kill him.

    My build atm because I can't post links yet

    Level 42

    Cleave -> Rupture
    Hammer of the Ancients -> Rolling Thunder
    Ground Stomp -> Wrenching Smash
    Revenge -> Retributio
    Battle Rage -> Marauders Rage
    Call of the Ancients -> The council Rises


    Pound of Flesh
    Berserker Rage
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    Kulle died with some build changes, went from instakilled to I just can't die
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    Change your passives to get either some extra dps or armor. Bloodthirst is great at max level but the healing is not worth it at 42. Pound of flesh is a terrible passive. Beserker Rage is also terrible. Try using Ruthless, Weapons Master, and one of the two armor passives. Also try and purchase some better gear on the AH.
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    try getting lvl reduced weapons with sockets and put the highest amethyst gems you can put into it

    or to save some gold ask some one to kill him for you or join a public game and kill him that way
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