EHP vs mp level for ubers

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    Thought I'd post here to get fellow monks' feedback, and anyone else with useful advice.

    I play HC (only) and finally have a few infernal machines. Given my monk's gear and EHP, and assuming I do ubers with similarly geared people, what mp lvl should I be aiming for? I am particularly worried about survivability, since I haven't experienced these fights before and so don't know what to expect in terms of DMg incoming at various mp levels. Any ideas on how best to approach it?

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    • maybe you just want to run your first round on mp1 and progress from there, get more comfortable fight - you can always farm new machines but only have one try (at least on this char).
    • use a stopwatch to calculate if you can step up (Siegebreaker/Kulle enrage can be rather tough enrage wise). Every higher mp adds roughly 50% hitpoints..
    • get other pants/belt with double resist, you'll want it for the bugged Skeleton King "death walk" animation + several carrion swarms hitting back to back, for reflect on siegebreaker and for multiple clouds on Ghom. I'd also look for some boots with double resist & without runspeed, you don't need that on this fight and additioal 60+ resist won't hurt.
    • You'll want more life recovery, look for an amulet with life on hit or another offhand. Life regeneration won't cut it at your health pool.
    • look for strong group players, critical mass wizard and any barb (with shout and maybe stun) are outstanding good supporter
    For comparison: i run mp7 regulary without death & worries (unless rest of my party dies, but it's softcore on the other hand so without the thrill of death) on mp7 @ 670k ehp (and a bunch of additional life on hit), just fixating my left mouse button and refreshing my mantra every now and then
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