I'm sooo unlucky

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    Keep trying. I've been having luck on MP2 on XP runs. 2+ legens per run with 200mf
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    I picked up four Dark Mage's Shades today.


    That's right. Four of those blasted, worthless witch hats.

    I believe that's unlucky. My quality legendary quota was nerfed for the day.

    If it's any consolation, Jaetch, I use a Dark Mage's shade on my Wizard over a Mempo because I love my pointy hat just too much to ditch it
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    i got 3 tzo krin yesterday =(
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    Reminds me of my 169 no-key streak on the Countess in Diablo 2. Chance for key was like 1 to 12 - and yes, I counted, even took notes. No exaggeration, 169 runs, no key. Thats RNG for you.

    Oh yeah, and I found 3 Lacunis yesterday within half an hour, of course all of them suck :)
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    As long as the chance to drop is not equal 100%, there is a probability that you will never see a key dropped even when running MP9. And I mean never in your life time. The chance is extremely tiny, but it's not impossible - however, if we account for how generating random number in machines works, that means it's not truly random, this does not apply to D3.

    What I wanted to prove is that RNG is just RNG. Sometimes you have bad luck, sometimes you are blessed by the RNG Gods.
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