Find Your Old Items (if you remember their names)

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    I got bored at work (also waiting to leave, gonna stick around for another hour before clocking out), so I hopped on Diabloprogress to try something out.

    I keep a log with me on my home desktop whenever I make significant upgrades, and these include the names of all the items that I have used in the past. Call that OD if you will, and I'll admit it is.

    So I looked up "Feather Sacrifice," a wand that I used from mid-June all the way until late-August when I started progressing at a higher rate. It was probably one of my most memorable weapons simply because I found it (was also the "best" item I had for a long time) in a random Act 3 run.

    Sure enough, I found it on player "Zyndeth#1706": http://www.diablopro...yndeth/14211374

    It's the same weapon! I'm glad someone is still using it and it never ended up at the blacksmith or the vendor.

    For the people who thought highly of some of their self-found gear and just had that somewhat gut-wrenching feeling of letting it go at one point, it's cool to know that your gear is helping someone else out right now.

    Edit: I just realized this topic has no real discussion value whatsoever, and I really should just start a blog for these threads instead.
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    This thread HAS actual value. Like in WoW and D2, I develop some kind of strange attachment to equipment in D3 that I have worn for a long time. Even though my stash and twinks' inventory are full, I can't get rid of old items like these. But I should probably start selling them, such that my old beloved items will put to use by other people - I do this way too rarely.

    Ha, I just went through my pictures, and I found in fact one weapon that I sold b/c I was really short on money once. It has low DPS but nice stats:

    "Cantaleya" (NeO#2257) on EU sc is wearing it. That is awesome :D Nice idea, Jaetch!
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    literally all my old items are on my WD twink or at my mates^^
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    I liked the idea so i actually did a research...and i almost shed a tear :P
    Read up,this one is interesting!
    Ok so,a LOOOONG time ago (bit before Rmah Launched) i found this on the ah and bought it for 10 million.

    As soon as rmah launched (like 1-2 weeks later) i sold this wand for 130 Euros.
    And now,after THIS long someone is still using it!!!

    You might notice a small dps difference but it is because the first screenshot was taken BEFORE the Attack speed nerf came...
    I am just dying to know how much he got it for :-P
    I'll never forget this trade because it's the biggest tradeoff i've ever made.
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