Combatting Item Devaluation in 1.0.5

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    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say most of my gear drops in value more and more every week. Just a short video on how I have been fighting this. I would love to hear some of your ideas on this subject!
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    Interesting idea, and I like your way of thinking. Sounds about right. However, you have earned a shitload of money, it's impressive, but I ask myself, will you put all eggs in one basket? The gold price is completely going downhill, it was at 0.28 Euro yesterday night. I wonder if Blizzard will do something about this. And if they do, you lose a lot of gold. If you sell your gold at 0.30 and you lose 30% to PayPal and Blizzard's cut, the gold price needs to drop to about 0.20, otherwise you'll lose money.

    Blizzard already hinted that they would fix crafting, and I hope that this means there will be a gold sink again, which could lead to deflation. If I had so much money, I would do it like it's advised in real-life trading: spread your money, don't put everything in one basket. Keep some gold, some godly BiS items, some crafting materials, etc. - you never know what Blizzard is up to ;-)

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    Just keep it in your battle net account and not your paypal account. Only lose 15% not 30%. You lose the potential to cash it out in the future, but get an extra 15%.
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