Just For Fun: Your First Legendary and Set Items

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    Purely for fun here, but where did you get your first legendary drop and how did you get it? Act I Nightmare? II? III Hell? Off of an elite Harvester? A champion Winged Molok? Same for your set drop.

    For the people that have been playing for a while, this might be a distant memory, but do your best to dig it up!

    For me:

    First legendary drop was the Hammer Jammers pants off of a regular Herald of Pestilence in Fields of Slaughter Act III Hell mode.

    First set drop was a Natalya's Soul boots when I popped a vase in the Great Span in Act IV Inferno (preparing those ghost farming exploit runs, remember those?).

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    it was some 2H weapon on normal, then i knew my destiny is to play 2H (thx blizz for making skorn imba)
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    first legendary was Kill, a dagger, and I may still have it...found off hell Azmo

    first set was chantodo's source, sold it for a million, which was quite a bit at the time. Found off something in the Warden's area on inferno.
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    very first drop; Inna's pants in act 2 inferno.
    very first legendary non set; magefist gloves while in act 2 normal.
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    First legendary was Lidless Wall, dropped in Act 3 Hell on my first way through the game at level 59.

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    My first one was Unity ring i believe when it was super low level. Found it off a chest in one of the tomb at the graveyard.
    The first set item was Tal Rasha Chest in The Barrack dungeon level 2.
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    My first drop was a Magefist from the Vault of the Assassin on normal. Gave it to my girlfriend's wizard, and at lvl 53 she still hasn't found an upgrade in 30 levels, rofl.
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    The executioner some time in normal was shit then and is shit now so I pretty much just vendored it
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    My first legendary drop was telrandens hand, from nightmare diablo
    let a buddy borrow it and ended up selling like 2 months later for 5k
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    very first legendary .. http://eu.battle.net...ds-and-the-moon
    very first set item .. http://eu.battle.net...nnas-temperance
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    First Legendary : Unity in Act 1 Nightmare
    First Set : Tal's Chest Act 1 Inferno from Leoric
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    First legendary were some lvl 30 boots, gave them to a wizzard friend , but can't remember the boots name.

    First Setitem was Tal Rasha Head, which i also gave to that wizzard friend ^^
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    My first legendary were Blacksmithing plans - I DC'd seconds after looting them. They droped on June 1st, in act2 inferno. one of the instances that looks like Vault of the Assassin, but i think it was before Magda. The plan was just for some lvl59 xbow, cheap.

    My first REAL legendary (=piece of equipement) was a 24% /+fire res Stormshield, that dropped off Belial on 1st or 2nd week of June. Sold for about 5m (before cuts) and this profit allowed me to get 2-3 good upgrades (at the time) and finish off Inferno thanks to them and that is why I do remember it so clearly.
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    my first legendary was heropital's ring, sold for 300k back when I started.
    First set was inna's chest, sold for 110 million I think. Just before legendaries started dropping twice as much.
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    Found this way back in Normal mode, Act 2 right as you start the act walking into the Canyon. I actually used this for a short while on my Monk. Good times!!! I will always keep this little Legacy gem just for posterity. No Brimstone here.
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    My first legendary drop was stormshield, don't remember where it dropped tho. Lucky me it was one of the legendarys at the time that was actually good and it sold pretty well even though it rolled pretty low.
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    A really bad Manticore before they buffed the legendaries, dropped of a Weapon rack in Act 4 inferno.
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    My first legen dropped on Act I nightmare,with my barb, from a normal zombie in one of the crypts, a nice strenght Chaingmail.
    He promptly weared it and never removed it until lvl 60.
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