My auctions can't be seen by anyone else

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    I saw a guy saying in general chat that his auctions which he puts to real money auctions won't be showing up if someone tries to looks items of similar stats that he has listed even after hours that they have in the auction house.

    So I decided to try it out myself and put some stuff into real money auction house and after 10 mins and after 3 hours I asked a friend to try to find the items from real money auction house but he couldn't.

    Anyone have any info on this? Is this widely spread issue or just a few people?

    Playing on EU servers as was the guy who I saw putting the message.
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    EU has split RMAH between € and £ (UK players use the £ RMAH by default), so that could be the cause if you and your friend (and the other guy) are UK and non-UK.
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    same, everybody have this problem ... my friends too
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    its not on on RMAH btw its all over the AH also there is so many "Expired" items hopefully it will be fixed soon
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    Hello, I play on EU servers and I also have the problem of expired items, also many of the items that I put for sale on GAH aren't show properly. This is a bad situation for me I am running out of gold after few pruchases and I can´t sell 2/3 really good items because anyone can´t find it. This problem isn´t new and Blizzard seems to do nothing.

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