multiboxing problem :(

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    multiboxing is allowed right?ok my question is how to start my second acc.i buy second one and i have 2 acc, but i instaled only 1 copies on my computer .when i try to start my second acc game say - diablo III is already running.i use Pwnboser , but i dont know why i choise 1stgame and second game , after this i use right botton of mouse to start game , when i try to do this with second game out message - diablo is already open . but ok 1st game is open why i not see this in program
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    Dude, your to noob to multibox
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    ok you are troll .if you are not a noob why not help - exactly this is the reason to do this topic.
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    3rd party software! Ban!
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    i never multiboxed ever but as far as know its okay to do so since you have already bought all of the game licences and you cant run e copy of diablo twice you should make another copy of your diablo game folder for example if your game is at c:\programs files\diablo III go to programs files folder and copy and paste it (you dont need and cant install it again) and rename the copied folder to diablo III v2 or whatever you like now you can run the second one(dont use launcher) while your first copy is running,if you attempt to run the first copy more than once it will tell you the game is already running or if you avoid using launcher it will freeze,so copy it first and run the copy again(dont use launcher). i run multiple copy of diablo iii myself using my bank account and my account this way and have no problem at all
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    Quote from GamersTales

    3rd party software! Ban!

    YOU ARE NOOB, no sorry..... you are the king , the master of noobs in all world.

    Thanks for contacting Account and Technical Support regarding your question. I can't say whether or not that program is legit or not. Basically, you have to look at it like this. If the program is playing the game for you or changing the game to give you an advantage, then it bad. If the program helps you play multiple characters of a game that you purchased, then it is ok, cause multiboxing is okay.

    Should you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Account & Technical Services. Our contact information can be found at

    Account and Technical Support Rep.
    Joshua R.
    Blizzard Entertainment

    this is copi from answer from blizz i ask them befor 1 week . now i want to please stop spaming in my topik.if someone can help me ok i will be happy ...but others...just leave pls
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    i forgot to mention this:
    if you want to run the diablo without running the launcher just
    Create a shortcut to the exe rather than the launcher and add -launch to it.
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -launch
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    If it isn't a bannable offence it SHOULD be! :hehe:
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