Fiery Brimstone price is going sky high

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    fiery brimstone prices on eu and NA are going up every min...from 50-80 k in few mins

    speculations are they will be worth from 200-800 k piece....cos they will be used heavily in new patch

    HARD invest now,while u still can buy cheap...
    i bougth few hundred myself...too bad i am short on gold..
    i have got nothing against god ,it is his funclub i cant stand !
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    1) There is a thread about this RIGHT NOW next to yours in this forum: http://www.diablofan...brimstones-now/

    2) They will not go to 800k simply because at the rate of legendary crap drops that high level paragon people are experiencing. There's plenty of crap unsalvaged sitting in people's stash. We don't even know what will happen in next patch, and until then there's still a looong time to go. Current price is all about speculation, welcome to stock market, get your ticket and say bye to your money.

    3) "Every minute"? The price has slowly gone up from 60k (this morning) to 80k (now). Tonight, many people in EU are coming home and putting lots of brimstones on the AH, and others will buy the stuff, so it might go up for a few hours tonight but soon everything will calm down. And so should we.
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    I have a few mill to waste. I will get in on the action and hope that it pans out. Heck, everybody loves a gamble right? Why not brim! BUY, BUY, BUY!
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    Looks like they went up a little bit more (at 65K in U.S.).

    I sold 24 of mine yesterday when they were a little bit above 50K each. Ah, well. Took what I could get. Better than the 10K from a couple of days ago.
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    BLUE post 6 hours ago

    Since I know this will get brought up: We're also exploring ways to improve the worth of Brimstones, as well as crafting in general. We feel like the system itself could use some revamping, but we're not yet at a point where we can discuss what kind of changes we're considering. We haven't ruled out the possibility of introducing new recipes at some point in the future, though, or introducing other ways for players to put their crafting materials to good use.
    i have got nothing against god ,it is his funclub i cant stand !
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    How often do these fluctuate? I tried to get in on the brim action last week as my IRL was saying he was buying cheap legs for 10-15k, and selling brims for 30-40k but everytime i check they are <15k. Am i just checking at bad times?
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    prices will go UP ALOT
    i have got nothing against god ,it is his funclub i cant stand !
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    Just checked the price here, 56k. That's a loss of 9k in less than an hour. Looks like market fluctuation is going to be nail biting for the next day or so until the issue gets cleared up. If there is more confirmation as to what Blizzard has planned then you can bet it will go up but right now, I would only get into brim if you have gold to spare.
    "There is no cow level!"
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    Salvaged all my junk legendaries last night and sold around 100 brimstones @ 75-80k. Checked this morning and they're at around 55-60k.

    Keep buying my brimstones, thanks. :)
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    some1 say 1 thing and ppl hear another things... its fake
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    I don't think Blizzard will make a "stockpilable" material like the brimstone really useful, ever.
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    Quote from slayervedran

    prices will go UP ALOT

    Great post, if only you made it yesterday.
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    Prices fluctuate with new information, regardless of how accurate it is.
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    Anyone who played the MedianXL mod for Diablo II knows what a good crafting system is.
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