New WR MP10 Azmodan Kill 17.6S 7.9M DPS

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    Hey guys my name is cdxliv and I run a stream over at where we have a nice balance of educational content, viewer runs and giveaways.

    I would like to thank a few people for making this possible. First of all my WW barb mentor Chaz. He came up with this build and lent me a few crucial pieces of gear to make it happen. Dnzx for holding down the checkpoint. Morto for actually suggesting that it could be done. Our wonderful mod team, Marty, Yoshi, Joebo, Gamingaddiction, Tango, Chaz, Eck.

    Interestingly I did this run with my normal pants, instead of the inna which adds 10k sheet dps. So I will try again tommorow. I think with a better EF offhand and the Innas this can be done in less than 15 seconds.
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    try to kill it in common build
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    Hota is the new meta game for top end barbs. I run Hota WW hybrid while farming and Hota exclusively while doing Ubers.
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    14.4s 9.3M dps
  • #5 thing ya know, someone is gonna do this in 14.3 seconds.....
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    These "barb" speedkills are just so cheesy because you cannot replicate this kind of dps in any actual situation outside WoTB - Insanity which is a whooping 15 second duration.

    An impressive feat nontheless, but so far the DH that did it in 21 seconds is still the only record that can actually be replicated in actual gameplay. Gj tho!
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