Minimum bid cap on AH to prevent inflation.

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    Quote from Bagstone

    Quote from ArcaneX

    Max your MF and remove it in your gear as your paragon level increases

    Completely disagree (but that's okay, everyone can have their own opinion). Go crazy on DPS and farm the hell out of act 3 mp0 until you hit paragon 30, 40. THEN you'll have a solid magic find that is not taking up stat points that you should rather invest in ehp/dps. Once you're at a high paragon level, progress is so slow that you can get a few MF to fill the gap to the 300 cap. Equipping 200 MF on a fresh 60 char when you're short on money is, in my opinion (!), a huge mistake. You'll never get to the sweet spot of high paragon levels in reasonable time.

    Well, the reason behind my thoughts, are that u can easily get good enough gear that gives u alot of MF, and still makes u able to stomp through mp0/1.

    That makes u able to find nice items that u can sell and improve your gear, instead of using max dps/ehp gear, and lose your joy at the game, because u just grind and grind and never finds anything of value. The speed gap between the 2 methods arent that great anyway in my opinion.

    But yeah there are no "right" way per se, but i see alot of people whining on the forums that they never find anything, and if u have it in that way, and "need" to find a nice item now and then to keep having fun(grinding paragon levels with no chance of finding anything is really boring for alot of people, including myself:=)), then the MF is a way to go, where u combine the 2 things :=)
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    Trust me, items with 1.5 billion buyouts do not sell until a crazy person like me intentionally goes hunting for it. Also, considering most of the BiS items go for approximately the same price (1-2 billion), the sellers constantly compete with each other to sell their items. As a side advice, it's best to put up your item that's slightly worse than one being bid on in AH right before your competitor's item is sold. Say your competitor has a 180 int/12% life/78 res/9% ias/5.5% cc Mempo at 1.2 bil and 30 minutes remaining. Chances are a ton of high rollers are watching the item and are waiting to start sniping. This is the time to put your 175 int/12% life/75 res/9% ias/5% cc Mempo up for 1 billion buyout. Because your Mempo isn't worth the 1.2 bil at the moment, but it's better than the rest of the Mempos in AH, once the top Mempo sells, the losers of that auction will be looking at yours as a backup.

    Anyway, on topic regarding inflation. BiS items are not inflated. They just don't exist in AH because people are using them. FYI I've been trying to upgrade my gloves to improve my DPS while retaining the EHP but those gloves don't exist.

    Excellent items that are top-tier but not quite absolutely godly are the ones that are overpriced often, especially "brand name" items like Vile Ward, Echoing Fury or IK Irons. Those are highly unlikely to sell anytime soon until, as I said, someone crazy like me comes along with full intent on blowing away money. But since that happens once in a blue moon, those items will end up expiring or have their prices reduced to compete with sellers that undercut with the intent of selling fast.
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    i think its bad idea
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    I vould like to cite a part of my unpublished talk with Clavdivs - vhy unpublished and vhy vould ze talk be published? Vell, i'll leave it as a surprise, it vill be here soon, and it vill be both funny and ...good. But it is perfect, because it addresses AH and fits the topic perfectly:

    "Underbheit: Vhy the AH?

    Clavdivs: Because it's bad.

    Underbheit: Care to elaborate on that?

    Clavdivs: It's bad. 36h wait time is too long and too unconnected with real life. Circadian rhythm of an auction is either a day or two. Since two proven too long - it should be one day. Mortals live in 24h environment, and are free of obligations and available to gaming/auctioning at similar time of the day - have you noticed 'every second day' AH effect? Items for bidding are available in large quantities every other day, time after 20:00h being the time mortals buyout and bid most often. Following day, the AH is practically empty, and bidding ends 12h later, when people sleep, work, go to school, etc. It is designed for mortal men, so it has to be a day or two, or more, not 1.33 or 2.25 days....

    Underbheit: No, I never noticed that. But now that you mentioned, i DO remember a 'good day' for trade, and 'bad day' often coming one after another. This would explain it. Please, continue...

    Clavdivs: Heavenly wisdom found a solution. It is efficient in 24h cycle. Currently, there are 'bid' and 'buyout' buttons, right? Add "Offer". So, there's optimist who put a 200,000,000 on item that The God wants, but it worth is significantly less. The God click 'Offer", types in 'Sonny, I, Clavdivs, offer you 25,000,000 and not a not a denari more, take it or leave it' - he got under column 'Offer' 25,000,000. Rest is same - offers and bids are lot similar, except offer goes underprice. Same 5% min increase, offer cannot be canceled once put (maybe within 5 minutes, in case of mistake, during which offer is invisible. This is 'lightweight' idea.

    Underbheit: Yes, very good - item price started to drop and i've put initial price too high - I accept best offer. Vant quick cash - accept any offer - actually this is vork of genius! A nevermore short just 2mil in 10 mins, frantically put really good item for 2,300,000 only to see it sold exactly when someone buyouts my vanted item. Trully magnificient...

    Clavdivs: [static], Walter. Stop ki... [static] like the inside of baboon... [static] ...tongue along [long static]

    Underbheit: Vell, I believe, ve vere saved by the static here. What about 'heavyweight proposal'?

    Clavdivs: This one needs a bit more work by the Blizzard, previous one is fairly easy to implement. Mortal has a 'wishlist' - basically same as search window, where he or she 'creates' an offering, along with min-max price range. Offering is not complete list of affixes, or if it is, then affixes are sorted, by offerer, on importance level (violet/orange/cyan) meaning...

    Underbheit: Violet/orange/cyan??? A capital idea - vould green/yellow/red serve beter?

    Clavdivs: Whatever. Have the colors of your stupid flag, put a skull also. What The God is TRYING to say is that one needs at least 50%, maybe 66% or even better 'hits' (colors) to answer to wanted list, in order not to overpopulate it. All 'answers' are listed - in divine wisdom I, Clavdivs, decide to call them 'answers' for sake of difference of 'bids' here, and they could be called 'bids' once implemented - there shouldn't be too many if the selection of affixes is right, and... well, The God decided to give Blizzard opportunity to control server load by themselves. Oh, yes, this system can work for any number of days, though 60+% of bidding is done in last minute"

    Overall, this vas it:

    - lightveight - a proposition of system introducing offers, with potentials of both quick-cash or (practically) ending bid at desired time, and still leaving possibility to do an auction under standard conditions. For 24h, that is. In my opinion, much more flexible and no downsides - probably possible to be introduced with little effort by Blizzard.

    - heavyveight - more complicated system giving even more options to buyers and sellers alike, needing *some* work done by Blizzard

    - gold sink and inflation - this comes from yours truly, Clavdivs system is fully in compliance with Blizzard 15% igg tax. Items are losing price not because there is too much gold - calculate how much you have to farm gold for a 500,000,000 - vhen you say 'gold appears from thin air', it's rather 'legendaries appear from thin air' cause droprates are too high, and 'everyone's got one' - so this is an item inflation, not the gold one. Items have virtually no sink at all - it's either vendor or crafting material or not even picking them.

    On some of item-karma there is a word of Lord God, so I'll save this for later, when all is done...
    The God says 'Hi!' to his friend Walter
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