Getting a Group for Ubers - Want a Hellfire Ring

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a little advice from those a bit more experienced than I in the area of farming parts for a Hellfire Ring. I have only played solo in D3 but would like to get a Hellfire Ring - mostly just to say that I did it - not because the ring is the end-all-be-all ring.

    I have solo farmed enough to where I now have 3 infernal machines and would like to use them in a manner where it's darn near a sure thing that I get all the drops necessary to make the ring. I know that means using all 3 machines in the same game session and also doing it on the highest monster power possible.

    My question is; are there competent groups routinely getting together to do uber runs on MP10 (or close to it) that generally are a sure bet at being able to take down those bosses? I guess I'm just cautious in not wanting to get some random group together to go do this and we choose MP 9 or 10 and then get in there and fall flat on our faces and I get nothing to show for it.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Are you able to kill elites easily on MP9/10?

    Personally I can make it through MP7 ok single player and we do Ubers on MP5 in a group because they are tougher than elites. I think you are far better served grinding out keys and portals and ubers many times on lower difficulty levels. Remember, even if you get a ring, there's a good chance you're going to get a crappy one. My random stats are <50 Str, <50 Dex, <100 LOH and 250ish life regen on an Int ring.
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    you could try to use your machines in groups. Something like this in the general chat:

    Anybody up for ubers mp5-7? Need machine.

    Of course, you would need to be able to not die at least against those ubers
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    I made prolly 7 rings or so. My advice to you is find a group of good players in any way you can, either on public games or inspecting profiles of random people in chat.
    Then invite these people for runs having all three machines so you alone can guarantee one run.

    Most efficient way of doing it though is having a nice friendlist full of people you have witnessed playing on high MP Lvls. Get organized with them on skype and have every member contribute 3 machines each so you do a total of 4 complete runs in a single "get together" session.
    It helps to do a well balanced party that can be 2 barbs, a WD and a monk, or you can go full crasy mode with 3 barbs and anything else set as a designated ressurector.

    Scales start to tip in your favor in MP7 so i would not bother doing ubers in any MP lower than that, personally i like MP8 the most because 9 and 10 are just obnoxious in terms of time to kill those trillion billion HP bosses.
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    I would farm more maschines. Lets say approx 10 and then keep looking for realy good geared people willing to carry you. You bring the maschnies and they kill the bosses. A lot of people hate farming keys/maschines but like to do ubers. ;)
    Words of wisdom: Don't follow the advice of people who won't have to deal with the consequences.
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    Thanks for the great replies. I can kill elites on MP5 and honestly haven't tried beyond that. I could probably do ok on MP6 if I was careful. I haven't tried doing any ubers yet - solo or otherwise. I think I will just check general chat and see if I can find some capable people who have already done MP6/7 or higher that want to come along using my machines and hope I just get lucky on getting the drops.
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    Agree with Renesco - get some good mates and do sessions at mp7-8. DH's are great for ressing and dps, CM wiz for control, barb for tanking.
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    I'm after my ring as well, i have 1 machine atm for the cause. i run only em on mp5, both times the organ dropped. I'm just missing 1 organ. I figure you just do a few runs and keep your stacks up every 20 mins or so, you will get what you need. Just gotta make sure the group is solid. wiz and dh are good for crowd control, and barb/monk for the melee dps. add me if you need one more. ;) btw khulles slow time bubbles are infuriating lol. They last way too long imo.
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    have a 3 man squad that does mp7 with little problem if you are interested

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