Suggestion: Salvage Hellfire Ring to organ of your choice

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    This post is a copy from a post I made in the EU forums:
    If anyone with a US account reads this and likes the suggestion, could you create a copy in the US forums, please?



    Crafting Hellfire rings has 2 major problems right now, in my opinion:
    • It is very likely to end up with an imbalanced amount of organs. Me and most of my friends farming rings all have this problem, we have likea ton of some of the organs, but none of another one (I currently have 5 fangs, 4 eyes, but no spine). This is the result of multiple design choices, making it hard to farm for specific organs, like the not guaranteed drop of the organs (not everyone can handle MP10), the inability to trade organs and no control over the order of the opened portals. Also, farming for specific organs would essentially require to farm them solo (which would be quite an ineffective use of the machines) or search a group for this specific organ, since other people missing specific organs will probably miss other organs than you do.
    • Also, Blizzard stated already, that salvaging the rings is not satisfying, they should salvage into more than just useless rare crafting materials.
    So I suggest the following:

    Salvage the Hellfire Rings into one organ of our choice.

    This would salvage the rings into something meaningful and useful, while also elegantly fixing the problem of missing specific organs.

    Of course, this would have some impact on gameplay, since you would essentially get 33% more hellfire rings from the same amount of organs, however, I don't think, it would break the game.
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    i think they should use hellfires for some sort of formula to ugprade ilvl of some items to upgrade base dps/armor on cool ilvl 62 and below rares or legendaries. just an idea.
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    Salvation of the ring into random organ could be great to.
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    Quote from Imedge666

    Salvation of the ring into random organ could be great to.

    I prefer that over choice. At least you get an organ out of it, other than a bunch of cheap and rarely used mats.
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    Quote from Imedge666

    Salvation of the ring into random organ could be great to.

    I thought the same, but that wouldn't fix the issue with having the wrong organs at all. In this case, I think we need another way to get our missing organs somehow. Farming ubers solo and hoping for the first portal to be the right one kind of sucks, and there is no alternative currently, if you happened to accumulate a few organs while missing a specific one.

    Maybe a way to trade one organ for another organ ingame or in the AH?
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