Ubers on MP10 World Record

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    This is done by my friends and not by me.
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    Not to be a hater, but are all these "records" even remotely interesting to anyone?
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    I'm sure it will be on the guiness book world of record .

    I mean gaming world of record...
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    This can be easily beaten no? :)
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    Quote from invis

    This can be easily beaten no? :)

    Probably, especially considering the builds used.

    But until then...
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    A worthy accomplishment. Not to take a shot but....this crap with "world record" is really getting old.
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    Quote from ruksak

    A worthy accomplishment. Not to take a shot but....this crap with "world record" is really getting old.

    The reason why we labeled it world record was due to the fact that Athene started the motivation to do this video (Prior to this, neither myelf, Avoid, Carn or Nogra had any interest in any sort of self-proclaimed records, we did the ubers for the lols and the Hellfire rings)

    As for the feedback given by people, yes, we understand that this can be beaten by a better group comp (CM Wiz, DH, WD with BBV and Monk) and by people with higher gear. However, it is notable that we did not use any shrines, which is a big advantage (Empowered shrine on a DH with Prep Punishment means over 70% of his shots will be cluster arrows, rather than the decent'ish number of clusters you see me shooting), nor did we lend gear from anyone to do this (1.2k dps manticore for the mf'ing win).

    I doubt that all of us had an SOJ equipped aswell, which is a huge benefit, so take this "record" with a pinch of salt, as it's just the conjunction of 4 geared people being bored one afternoon, no actual effort was put into this (Except Siege, where as described in the vid, we wiped 2 times due to kulle's bubbles being massive homo).

    While i do believe most people here take topics like this as Self-Congratulating ego fests, do not be fooled. We did this simply in an attempt to beat Athene's record, which we ended up beating by completing a full ubers run before he was done with SK/Maghda.

    Looking forward to some crazy high dps people trying to beat this, as it'l actually give us an incentive to try and best you back.

    Cupcakes and sunflowers, peace.
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    very nice kill speed...
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    I will be doing this solo and hopefully set a bar and showcase the potential of a monk.
    A test was done yesterday, MP10 solo uber kill.

    SK/Maghda 2m20s
    ghom/xx 1m30s

    I hope this doesn't offend you, if you wanna join and see the fight today, here is my stream:

    That being said, this is a rather nice video, it's amazing to see different skills from different class all work together and support each other. Nice!
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    Go for it man, if anything it would be nice to have a speedkill attempt from atleast one of each class, not to compare the classes based on this info (As DH probably provides alot higher group dps than when solo due to kiting) but just as a personal record and milestone that people could try and replicate/beat.
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    pretty fast, but world record already set by Korea Wiz frostburn (Rank #1 dps in world)
    hook him 2min 49sec for all bosses (6 bosses)
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    Nice. Invis, I've never managed to catch you on your stream (different time zone), but I'd like to see a single player Monk speedkill.

    Those who don't care about records... don't look at them. No need to post here ;)
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    Nice. grats on the record.
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