MP Scaling- Exp Broken

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    Quote from Stephenk291

    MP is shouldn't be vastly rewarded in all aspects for going higher..that defeats the purpose of them implementing MP in the first place..

    nothing to see here...move along.

    You got the word wrong. You probably meant "optional" I guess. Other than that, pretty useless post.

    On topic:
    I agree that a bit better balancing of MF/GF/EXP gains would help here. Blizzard was clear in their intention to make MP levels optional to avoid everybody going where the grass is greenest I think they were overly cautious because by trying to avoid situation where higher MP levels are considered mandatory in order to get best loot or exp, they achieved completely opposite effect. They made farming/grinding on low MP mandatory as long as you are after loot or exp in the most efficient manner. Challenge on itself as a motivation is only going to last for a while, short one at that.
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    MP Scalling for me its ok, the reward is the feeling of "I can do it!", that's it.

    My gear sucks, i dont have to much time to play the game right now, to farm too much.
    But, saying that MP10 is not efficcient its not ok, that is why MP# is a gear check.

    An example is the #3 HeroScore and #1 dps unbuffed in the World
    He can do MP10 in a decent speed

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    Just run MP1 as fast as possible, taking shortest route as possible
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