Do you kill succubus / impaler / occultist packs?

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    I dunno why I kept killing them. It was pretty annoying and frustrating to chase them across half the map. With the slow casting of my main damage spell, most casts would miss as they ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran away from me.

    I finally questioned why I was doing it and, lacking any good answer, stopped. I'm much less frustrated now, and I complete my exp runs in as little as half the time. The AI on some monsters in this game really needs to be reworked IMO.
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    I am a CM wizard with an interdasting primary spell, I use shock pulse / living lightning, which has the benefit of moving the same direction they run, hitting them the whole time. It makes it much less painful.
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    Remember when those Occultists would run twice as far, and twice as much as they do now? They got nerfed in 1.04 I believe.

    My Monk has little trouble with them due to Thunderclap's short tele. But I feel for people who's chars don't have a tele or the proper run speed to close the gap on them.
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    As Archon I have no problems with them, but I don't farm Act 3 as CM in part because of those elites, as well as the other ranged mob types in Act 3 that can be very annoying for CM builds. Also, I'm too stubborn to skip mobs, even reflecting teleporting firechain vortexing phase beasts that kill me very easily. I have to get my revenge...
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    ^^Me too, just can't bring myself to skip them :P
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    ofc, i kill everything
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    I kill everything, no exceptions. The more they run, they more I feel the urge to gun them down.

    Ever since a Bloodclan Occultist (regular one, not elite) dropped a 240 strength IK helm after I chased him all the way into a corner, I chase down everything.
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    No reason not to kill them, just play lover MP if you often find hard packs to kill.
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