Motivation to Keep Farming

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    This post isn't to brag at all. That's not the intention. I'm hoping with this, many of you will be inspired to keep farming and strive to reach new heights.

    In the span of two hours (approximately 12 a.m. to 2 a.m. EST), these items dropped for me:

    Keep farming everyone. There is an RNG god out there somewhere.

    P.S. Yes, I do lose nearly 20,000 DPS with the Chantodo's Force.
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    There is indeed a RNG god, I found 7 legendaries yesterday in 1.5hours of farming A3 on mp1. Andariel's Visage, some 63 WD helm, Sever, Warmonger, Skorn, Skysplitter and a Crystal Fist, most were kinda useless tho, still nice. Finished the run with a nice pair of rare bracers with 159 int, 95 vit, 70 all res and 6 crit
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    Those are some good drops man, grats :)

    The only way to beat RNG is consistency and perseverance, and recognizing that nice drop when it hits you. Keep farming at maximum efficiency and keep identifying those rares/legendaries and you will get nice drops eventually.

    Been farming the last couple days and gaining some good paragon levels, but had only useless legendaries drop and those rare drops that make you go.."ARGH..if only that damage was a bit higher..if only this piece had higher all resistance.." Was selling nothing but scraps between 500k-1m.

    Yesterday my consistency and perseverance paid off. Found some solid rares which already made me 40m, with some others still on the AH with around 30m value, an okish rolled IK chest which is worth around 40m. No drops that made me a billionaire instantly but it feels good to increase my bankroll by a bit. Those billion drops will come sooner or later :)
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    Great finds indeed , its very satisfying after hours of farming / paragon grinding to be rewarded. I picked up a Mempho with crit along with some crappy legendary rolls on the way to the Act 3 Keywarden last night.... needless to say I was stunned for the rest of the evening.
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    Second gloves are pretty sick.
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    Finally managed to find something decent myself yesterday, a pretty good IK 2h.

    I think that for newer players like myself one of the hurdles is actually recognizing an item's quality. They might end up vendoring a good item while AHing a pretty terrible one.
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    The off-hand is gonna make you rich :D

    Along with those other two pair of gloves... N1.
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