DH or Barb for speed farming Act 3 MP0?

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    Just getting back into the game and dont have much gear and hardly any Paragon levels. Will probably stick to Act 3 with MP set to 0 as I remember it having the most mob density in order to farm some Paragon levels and hopefully some drops as well. I refuse to play a WW Barb so dont just say Barb assuming I will be playing a WW build. If I go with Barb it will probably be something different like maybe a 2 Handed Cleave/Rend build, if that works. But also wanna try out a DH cause its the only class I have never played before. Also I heard they could clear areas super fast on low MP levels.
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    why dont u wanna play ww barb? its epic.
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    Quote from WizArt

    why dont u wanna play ww barb? its epic.

    Tried it didnt like it. Also I wouldnt be able to maintain fury on MP0 anyways since I would just 1 shot everything.
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    But WW barb is basically the fastest way to farm.

    you asked what is best at speed farming .. I'm telling you it's WW barb.
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    It's simple, If you refuse to play WW barb then play DH. Obvsly the fastest way to farm is WW barb.
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    barb weapon throw build is a lot of fun. can recommend it.
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    ww barb is not the fastest farm. monk build with thunder clap + another skill that allows you to teleport or something.. DatModz the streamer does it and it's the craziest thing ever
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    Sprint is just faster. Thunderclap isn't too bad when everything dies in 1 hit, but sprint runs faster AND doesn't require you to stop in order to attack. Even 1 hit to kill something is too much when you're going for speed.

    That said, if you refuse to use sprint, DH's vault is the next best movement ability, so obviously that's what you should go with. But know you will spend more gold just so that you can farm slower than a barb, but at least you'll be faster than other classes (again, provided you spent enough gold to vault endlessly without losing the ability to never die and 1-shot almost everything).
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    every class can have extremely fast movement at mp0
    -wizards with critical mass can teleport from group to group. (isnt very reliable if things die to fast)
    -barbarians sprint and WOTB (isnt very reliable at MP0 because things die to fast, u cant keep wrath up even with overpower momentum)
    -DH with old nat set and vaulting with tactical advantage (most reliable movement) and nightstalker
    -witch doctor the passive which resets cooldowns when enemies die near you.. so u can spirit walk 3 seconds from pack to pack
    -monk i donno and honestly dont care. teleport with thunderclap i guess

    overall DH is the fastest with legacy nat set
    barbarian can be super quick too but relies on rage generation and dense packs... so its faster then the dh but when there isnt any mobs around and u loose WOTB ur gunna get passed by a dh...
    wizards are faster then both if ur playing high MP levels and have super fast attack speed and crit.. and dont care if u kill the mobs but want to teleport from elite pack to elite pack ignoring normal mobs... but u loose out on normal legendary drops and xp
    i donno where monks stand
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    Low MP might be a problem for WotB, but even just sprint is still very very fast and very sustainable even at MP0 after 1.0.5 nerfs.

    With old nat you don't really need anything to vault around almost endlessly, though obviously some disc bonuses from passive(s) can help you vault completely non-stop.

    WD, wizards and monks simply can't compete. While their damage can be just fine (though everyone can easily kill extremely fast in MP0 regardless of any imbalance between the classes), their movement abilities are simply no match. 1.0.3 wizards with teleport, wicked wind and critical mass could move pretty fast but couldn't kill any trash mobs while doing so, but since the wicked wind nerf and the need to kill normal monsters the build is pretty much dead in terms of fast paragon experience farming (it can still kill stuff, it's just quite slow at doing so).

    DH might be faster than barb in the end, but must stop in order to attack, thus the barb ends up leveling faster overall. If you're skipping normal monsters and just want to find loot rather than XP, then that might tip the favor towards the DH (less monsters to actually kill means less stopping which reduces the disadvantage of the DH), but I'm still not too sure if it's enough to make the DH actually better at farming loot.
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    Tempest rush monk is faster than a ww barb, if you refuse to go ww, then try seizmic throw build, it is also a lot of fun :)
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    Problem with tempest rush is that you must still stop and attack to generate spirit, which is often with how fast spirit is drained with that skill.
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    Quote from GalZohar

    Problem with tempest rush is that you must still stop and attack to generate spirit, which is often with how fast spirit is drained with that skill.

    You have to use a build/equip combination that generates at least 9 Spirit/Sec. so that you can spam Tempest Rush forever. Innas 4 pcs bonus is also helpful.
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    DH with my strafe build is extremely fast, especially in act 3 with lots of mobs, I can faceroll MP4 with this build:

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    watch that guy when he does his speed farming. it will blow your mind
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    monk with billions$ into it will be the fastest farming thing in the game. sweeping wind aoe+2h high damage wep+conviction-submission = kill white trash as it shows up on ur screen while ur blazing through with the sprint ability (loss of names atm)

    until u get billions tho, ww barb. I run a ww/dash/leap barb, using ww mainly for unit walking and damage duruing cd's for farming. dont use perma zerk either.
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    Even if the monk things work as well as or better than the barb, as said it probably costs a ton to get enough DPS to make it work while a barb with 100mil can farm almost as fast as a barb with 100 billion. That said, I'd love to see a video of said monk build, it does sound like fun, especially for those who don't want to re-roll barb! I mean, if I was liking the monk (or any other class) and didn't already have a 60 barb (my first choice since per-1.0.3, which was obviously a very bad choice back then) I would have probably been playing it anyway, knowing that barb domination won't last forever and my enjoyment in the long term is more important. Then again I'm very surprised the barb domination is lasting so long (even if people find alternatives that can come close, they are much more expensive).
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    Hey actually most classes can do mp0 quiet fast if skilled/geared correctly.
    I just felt like noting that, like everyone agrees "run speed" is very important.
    However the time you need to take down champs/elite/bosses is important as well.
    The second is for example a weakness of WW barbs.
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    Not really, sprint/ww barbs can take down elites about as fast as anyone else, and actually the last "hit" they can do while running forward to the next pack saving even more time, especially when you have the gear to only kill them in 2-3 "hit" ("hit" being running by them once and spawning tornadoes).
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