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    A it is right now the blacksmith could easily be replaced by a merchant, who would allow you to sell and repair. I really love the idea of having a blacksmith in the game since it gives you a "freedom" to gamble with your gold, but as it is right now, the chance of getting some worthy from the blacksmith is near non-exsistent.

    Does anyone in the community have any ideas for improvements of the poor blacksmith? I myself would love to be able to craft items equal to the items which drops in the game (iLvl 63 items?).

    Being able to make sockets in stuff would also be great, but not for any price (Make it expensive so that you dont just make sockets in weapons to sell them on the AH.)
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    Following haven't really been thought through but I could see myself crafting more if I can chose like 1 or 2 out of 6 stats. Similar to the hellfire ring. Let's say we craft gloves - we can now decide that the gloves have CC and CD. CC and CD stats still are rolled randomly and so are all the other stats but at least you wouldnt get the shit you get all the time now - or increase the chances to get a decent item.
    Or a chance if you craft an item that this item is a legendary. So you craft a rare 1h mace (not sure if there is a plan for it) and suddenly you get an echoing fury.
    As said, not really thought through, just random thoughts.
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    Have an additional crafting material that's not required by any of the recipes. Allow the player to select any amount of the material to use when crafting. Each unit of the material used increases the MF when generating the item with diminishing returns. So, you can craft without it or you could save up 100 and try to get a perfect roll on a particular item.

    Maybe even make it so that the additional crafting material has stats on it that, when used, increases the chance of that stat being on the item. I don't know how many stats there are, but let's say there are 50. That means each stat has a 1/50 chance of being on your item. If you put in 10 material of Dexterity, then you'd have an 11/60 chance of getting Dexterity on your item. It could also specifically enhance the number on the stat, so instead of having the stat roll 20-100, maybe each one increases it by 10%. 110%^10 is 259%, so that would me it would instead roll 52-259. If this were the case, and you wanted a perfect roll on an item with 6-7 stats, you'd need 60+ units of this material in specific stats and that would take a while to accumulate them. Maybe you only get them from higher end items, so this could be used to drain some of the waste out of the AH.
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    Initially, I compared crafting in D3 to gambling in D2. By now, I realize that crafting is far worse.

    In D2, you could get the best possible items (including awesome perfect rares and even unique or set items) by gambling.

    In D3, you can "only" craft rares (the legendary crafting recipes are completely useless), and you can't even craft the highest level (ilvl 62 max); and the itemization in D3 requires you to always have your primary stat, probably some allres and 1-2 other nice stats on the item in order to be even remotely useful. Of course, if you're not high-end geared you might be satisfied with a crafted item that only has 2-3 of your desired affixes; but in that case you can buy similar stuff for the price of one single craft (!) on the AH without the luck factor.

    Crafting right now is broken. It's a shame, because I would love to do crafting, and I think Blizzard should fix it ASAP in order to get the only possible money sink back into the game.
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    Crafting random items is useless as it is now. Even with guaranted affix.

    The randomness of the games calls for a bit of control and customisation more than random crafting.

    I wish there was an artisan to add an affix on an item. ( and also remove one in case your item is already fully "affixed")

    There should be a sliding bar to tune the affix you wish to add. The more points you add the pricier it gets.

    Let's say for exemple, if the stat you wish to add is strength. First 25 points could cost 1000 gold each. Then from 25 to 50, 3000 and an essence each. Etc... to max possible where every point would be real costly and require brimstone.

    If it's only one affix I don't see this breaking the game's balance or economy
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    Allowing you to craft iLevel 63 items with the possibility of predefining some of the affixes it rolls sounds like a nice idea but it would probably hurt the economy a fair bit. The difference in chance between 5 and 6 random properties is pretty huge, though I haven't done the math with actual numbers.
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