Elemental damage on weapons.

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    My statements were correct. The first part you quoted was for a skill with no CD or resource cost, so you can spam it to your heart's content. That means the effective dps of the skill is the same as the dps number listed in your char sheet, with some adjustment for weapon damage of the skill. To be precise, a 100% weapon damage skill that you spam non-stop does 100% of your in game dps number. A 300% weapon damage skill that you can spam non-stop does 300% of your in game dps number (such as Archon for Wizards, without improved rune or it'd be 375%).

    The second quote is also correct, which you assumed to be wrong because you thought my first statement was wrong. That or I just have no idea what you were trying to say.

    yes, i've misunderstood your post - calculations are right, so sorry about that.

    but as everyone is entitled to own opinion, i'll still stick to mine that it's more convenient to have dps and damage separated - for me, it's easier to just multiply damage with skill modifier, instead having to divide dps with, for example, 1.73 and then do the same thing
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