Athene kills Azmodan in 25 sec

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    Quote from deleo

    So, you're angry at his fictional character that he acts. Because that fictional character is a douchebag?

    You can't argue intentions, becuase those don't matter. What matters is actions. Just 'pretending' to be a dirt bag by hitting a girl doesn't take away from the fact that the girl was hit. Just 'pretending' to be a douchenozzle doesn't take away from the fact that he needs to wash his hair.
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    Quote from maka

    ^^You're assuming the other players are at the same level of power as he is, which might not be the case.
    Just saying.

    took the 5min just to point out who the other 3 ppl are in hes party... monk 222k DPS unbuffed wiz 347k DPS unbuffed WD 162k DPS unbuffed DH 199k DPS unbuffed

    so yeah.. just 1 of those in the party had less DPS than athene

    Oh and there's a Korean barb that has solo killed Azmo on MP10 in 25sec..
    can't find the vid atm.. Pretty sure someone has the link to it..

    make sure you delete the space after eu.
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    Cant wait for the MP7-10 solo diablo inferno kills videos :D
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    30% less hp
    + 12% / 24% damage from mantra
    + 10% attack speed bubble
    + 20% attack speed and 30% damage totem


    Solokill 2min+
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    Athene is manny things, maybe Diablo fans got tired of so many reconds on Azmodan... 1 for Barbarian, Wizard, Monk and Demon Hunter.
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    Quote from Frolk

    Cant wait for the MP7-10 solo diablo inferno kills videos :D

    How does a solo 22k dps monk diablo mp10 kill sound? the lenght of the video is only a couple of minutes shorter than the godfather movies combined.

    And on topic: Athene + crew kills azmodan in 25 seconds, athene alone probably barely breaks the 5minute mark.
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    I got a feeling that alot of his fanboys has received an eye opener,. The food simply doesnt taste as good as the package says.
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