Luckiest dude ever??

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    Quote from Indimix

    Like Blizzard said: "it's RNG".

    2 weeks is kinda too much tho, rares are 100% trash too, meh
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    Quote from seraphim4

    Quote from NeutroNova

    There is so much Epeen flex in here its hurting my crotch.

    whats epeen flex about findin stuff in a game about finding stuff?
    we all have our good days and our bad days, sometimes they come as bad weeks or bad weeks even.
    go out, kill some monsters and come back and tell tales of all the severs you found!

    Too many folks out there don't understand what the eppen comment stands for and so they use it in the wrong context. There is nothing "epeen" about getting lucky.
    "There is no cow level!"
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    I got 3 legendaries on the day of the 1.0.5 patch in the space of the Rakkis crossing. No monster power involved.

    This has to this day set my expectations for legendary drop rates far too high :)
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    That's really nice, gz.
    Unfortunately I got only crap. :-/
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    Found 2 set items(Ritual knife thingy and Tal's chest, which was an upgrade) and a horrible Manticore in under 3 minutes. That was everything for the night though :(
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