Why do you play D3?

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    I am happy for all the people who do love the game. I liked D3 for the time I played. I just do not know if D3 will ever get me hooked into it. I usually get the shakes when I do not play D2 or any of the Torchlight games for a lengh of time, with D3 I rarely even think about it.

    I just do not know the reason(s) why D3 is not addictive to me like the previous two games since the core of the games are roughly the same killing monsters and rensacking the corpse for a potential upgrade. The thing is I am getting that feeling still in D2 and in the two Torchlight games.

    @starlight. You do not have to use mods and only a few mods make it easier to get gear. Also there was a recent patch that added 2 new pets and a few phase beast challenges. The Mod tools are not released yet, when it is I will likely make a tough challenging mod that will change a good portion of the game (new items, new skills, new monsters, etc)
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    90% for the paypal money 10% for fun. It's been that way for me since day 1.
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    I enjoy Diablo because I used to play an MMO called Legend of Mir 2 back when I was fourteen which is now eleven years ago, it was my first proper PC game and I had never heard of Diablo or Starcraft or anything of the sort, it was Korean and a Diablo clone but I wasn't aware of this until the last few years and tried to get into Diablo II but I just couldn't so when Diablo III came along it was the closest experience to Mir II I could achieve and my boyfriend whom I live with also plays it from time to time and a few other friends but it saddens me that there initially was dozens of friends who would play it and be online at once and now it is reduced to one or two at a time if I'm lucky that will play it but it's still enough.

    I enjoy feeling powerful in the game basically, to be the best there ever was (Sorry, couldn't help it) even though I may not be, I am terrible with most games but you just need to be persistant with Diablo and it doesn't require you to be good at spreadsheets and maths etc, that is only an advantage so long as you know what you're doing.

    So I enjoy it because it basically means I can switch my mind off and hope for that lovely noise and visual effect of a legendary or set item dropping when I am killing all the things and I won't give up until I achieve monster power 10. Whatever future patches bring I will face it so long as it isn't a nerf to Wizards that is so heavy that I basically have to do eveything all over again to attain my gear to a strength equal to how it was previously but with different stats, they've done that to me twice now but now it has stayed long enough for my gear to make me feel like I've put a lot into it.

    Quote from Expectwar

    90% for the paypal money 10% for fun. It's been that way for me since day 1.

    Do you actually make enough living to be on par with a part time job or better then? Our of curiosity, it also seems to make a differnece if you're in EU or USA as there's more players with the latter therefore easier to earn money from the game.
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    1.05 made it fun again. For a while at least.
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    I play just because i love Diablo 3

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    Quote from Starlight85

    I play because although Torchlight 2 was fun at first, its replayability is just non-existant thanks to all the mods that just hand everything to you on a plate.

    If you want the closed-server e-peen experience, that's all fine, to each their own.

    But "all the mods"? GUTS isn't even out yet. Hopefully it will be in the next week or two, but, in any case, the number of mods is about to exponentially explode, and there will probably be a few ironman ones among them.
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    i play it cuz its best RPG for today
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