Key Farming - Alternative Method

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    Farming keys can be a grind, we have been checking out other methods of farming keys in act 1.
    Commonly most would:

    - Obtain 5 stack (Festering Woods, Leorics Manor & Cemetery of the Forsaken)
    - Then go on to locate the warden
    - Then kill the warden

    The video above shows an alternative way of getting the stacks of valor whilst looking for the key warden - " Basically killing two birds with one stone"

    Here are some things you can find in the fields of misery which give a stack of valor. These can all be gained whilst locating the warden

    - The Secluded Grove will appear as a upside U shape of the map. Inside you will find a resplendent chest

    - The Forlorn Farm is home to a dead beast. Clicking the beast will spawn a unique mob. After defeating the mob you will a farmer who will reward you with a resplendent chest.

    - The Scavengers Den has 2 levels. Level 1 will hold from 1-3 to elites. Level 2 can have up to 2 elites and a resplendent chest.

    - The Forsaken Grounds is a mini event clear all four nest, defeat the unique mob and talk to the farmer

    All of these are randomly generated each game. I would advise starting on the monster power you farm keys on then go to the Fields of misery first. Try and locate the warden whilst doing this look out for the events above as you will be gaining stacks quickly whilst locating.

    I myself benifited greatly from this method. If you do fine the warden right away simply teleport and get your stacks as you normally would

    Try it out and let me know how you get on. We hope it save you time farm keys

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    This is what I've been doing and it works really well. (Nice writeup/video!)
    Act 2 - I do the same thing with the Oasis... just do the events/dungeons as you're looking for the KW
    Act 3 - I just go straight to the Stonefort and find the KW. Once you find him you should have 1-4 stacks and just port out and get your stacks somewhere else and port back.

    Act 4 just plain sucks any way you do it. :( Thank goodness you only have to get that drop once.
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    This is what I do also, but whenever I join a group for ubers, they always jump straight to festering woods to build stacks, and eventually go back to fields to look for the warden. I find this method saves a decent amount of time and highly recommend it.
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    Been doing a hybrid of this sometimes. Things depend on the act imho:

    Act 2, in the oasis usually you have enough events and elites to get the 5 stacks. In addition it can take a long time to locate the warden there, so it's best to farm all stacks in the oasis.

    Act 3, stonefront typically has 2-4 elites, no events, so it's a good idea to go there with 2-3 stacks. The best place to get them is probably tower of the damned level 1, you just make one circle around back to the waypoint, that way you avoid having to TP. It's also an option to first find the warden, however then you have to TP once and you have to make sure to not TP anywhere else otherwise you have to run through stonefront again

    In act 1 I feel that sometimes fields has very few elites/events. It's much faster to get 3-4 stacks in festering woods and then search for the warden. A fun alternative is to hit the pony level, however the mobs there hit quite hard!
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