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    Yes, an other "I had this idea" post !

    While paragon leveling, we have less and less the opportunity to choose between power vs mf. I liked to be able to customize and influence a little my drops and this is why I suggest this.

    What I call "Loot skills" would be a set of passive skills (in my mind the same skills would be available to every classes) with the purpose to influence the loot.

    Examples would be (numbers are arbitrary, please don't discuss numbers) :

    +2% chance to loot legendary/set items

    +10% chance to loot ilvl 63 weapons

    +10% chance to loot rings/amulets

    +30% magic find

    +50% gold find

    +25% chance to loot class specific items of your own class

    +20% chance to loot weapons

    +50% chance to drop blacksmith/jewelry recipes

    and even skills influencing affixes on items like

    +5% chance to get dexterity on items
    +2% chance to get critical chance on items
    -60% chance to get the thorn affix

    Some or all the skills could have drawbacks :

    +5% chance to get legendary/set items but -15% chance to find weapons and jewelry


    They could be learned during regular leveling, at the end of regular leveling or during parangon leveling.

    It would be a fun way to let the player make some choices concerning loots since the only customisation available (mf on items) becomes irrelevant.

    Let me know what you think and suggest your own Loot Skills !
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    The idea is a good one, but given how much crap currently drops, you would need to increase those percentages a LOT.

    For example, "+5% chance to get dexterity on items"

    This would make no difference at all in the game because 1 out of 20 is pretty low, and when you do get that, it'll still be like +30 dex on some super crappy item.

    Change that to be "+50% chance to get dexterity on items and dexterity stats are rolled +50% better" then we are talking.

    In a perfect world, they would ditch the four gem they have and introduce like 20 gems with all sorts of interesting attributes/stats all over them. Then introduce some sort of new item where you can socket gems into it and it will force items to roll more similar to the types of gems socketed in it. Or something like that :)

    Regardless, good idea here, and if these were more powerful, would get me to play more often I think :)
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    Well, the system could become even more complex. Each skill could have different levels and the more you would use a skill the better it would become (for example +5% chance to get dex items could be lvl 1, and lvl 2 would bet 10% chance, etc...).

    Or the system could be linked to a new "crafting" profession and each level of the skills would be learned with dropped recipes a little like jewelry recipes.

    But I doubt the developpers wish the game to become so "complex". They wouldn't make an auxiliary system more complex than the main skill system.
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