Most legends found in a day?

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    It was that memorable day, October 28th, when the count stopped at 10. It was truly remarkable Sunday--7 legendary drops, 3 set items.

    It was definitely outlier. I usually get 0 to 1 legendary drop per week days and anywhere between 1 to 3 per weekend.
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    The most I got in a day was six, two of them good enough to sell on AH for few mils, rest was crapish.
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    My current record is 7 in an afternoon. One was decent. Always fun to see them drop either way
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    Depends how much I play, but usually 1 an hour.
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    6 Legendaries in one day is my record. It's happened on 2 separate occasions as well since 1.0.5. Only 3 of them were not Brimstones though.
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    I had 7 in one game @ MP2 playing with a friend. i seriously didnt believe it since we clear act3 in about 30 mins. it felt like everytime i killed a pack one would drop. i never came close to getting 7 in one day let alone 7 in one weird.
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    I only do 1 run, which is about an hour, and I have 0 MF and 15 P. Found 3 in that 1 run the other day :)
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    About 10, just a guess cause i don't count them. Could be between 9 and 12.
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    On a good weekend when I can sit down and play for hours... i don't know, I'll have to estimate at least 20 to 30.

    Last night alone I got 7 uniques (Ivory Tower, Stormshield, the Gidbinn, Chantodo's Will, Manajuma's Gory Fetch, Sultan of the Blinding Sand, Lamentation) in about 2.5 hours of farming.

    Currently paragon 85 with about 440% MF on MP4.
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    2 days ago, an afternoon of farmin gear and no legendaries... Yesterday about 3 hours of farming and 6 legendaries drop!
    A stormshield I was able to sell for 14 mil pretty quickly and Unity (the ring) with res all were the 2 good drops. Furthermore I got stuff that weren't worth much at all. I had 2 games where I found 2 legendaries in each, felt nice. ^^
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