Most legends found in a day?

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    Just wondering if people get lucky on their legend find. So far the highest I've found in a day is 24. The day after I never found a legend. What's your most found legends?
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    One. Rarely.
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    I once got 2 legendaries from 1 monster O_O
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    Dear god...

    After the "which MP level do you play on" another one of these threads for people to show off. Just like in the other thread some people said they were farming on MP5+ while their gear is crappy as hell, there will be some people here saying "50 is my daily average".

    Ok, just to stay on topic: even with my relatively low paragon level (about to hit 40 soon), I have days where I find multiple legendaries - but there are also days where I find none at all. But if there are more than 3 or 5, I keep losing track. I don't know what's wrong with some people, the Internet really has caused some strange behavior... "I'm playing the game as fast as I can but I also really need to keep track of the exact accurate number of my brown drops to show people my e-penis size".
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    you have a point, but some people like to crunch some numbers.. why not let them

    anyway.. how can a demonstration of (drop)luck be any kind of show-off?

    if someone says he won the lottery when asked (which OP did) its not showing-off but simply a statement.
    if that person comes and opens a thread: hey i found 12 legendaries in a day.. then its a show-off

    .... at this point of my answer i re-read OPs post again ... annd wait a minute

    ok.. completely show off^^
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    I got 3 legendary on the first day of 1.05, then after the patch 1.05a, I haven't get crap. I freaking hate they ninja nerfed shit.

    It is not just me. I have friends who are in the p90s, and played hours a day and don't find anything. If there is drops, it will be garbage that every one is getting, like sky spitter and frostburn. Why they even bother designing items that no one is going to use?
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    7 in a day, or 5 in one game! And got 4 good legendaries from that run.. I like this patch!
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    Quote from Jalatiphra

    .... at this point of my answer i re-read OPs post again ... annd wait a minute

    ok.. completely show off^^

    Yeah, especially when you see the post count. There are better ways to introduce oneself to a forum :-)
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    Found 4 yesterday. That is my biggest day so far. I usually only play 2 to 3 hours so I probably won't top that.
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    It seems like the higher level your are (paragon-wise) the more you find, well due to the fact that you have more mf w higher paragon
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    my record is two in 10min, but that was leveling and around level 50 and without MF... both were crap. On avg. I have one every two days, while playing about 2hrs a day... and most of them can't compete with the rares I have.
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    I think the most I've gotten is 3-5 in one day, because I don't farm very much very often. I did get 2 from the Act 3 warden once, plus a key, so that was neat.
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    One, if I'm lucky. If I'm really lucky (this has only happened a couple of times), that one will be something so awesome it will actually sell for 50,000 gold or more.

    Hoping one day to find a legendary that fetches a 6-figure sale value.
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    Probably 7 in a 4 hour go.

    I found the same Legendary Mighty Belt (i61 Ageless Might) 4 times in 2 days, all just absolutely horrendously rolled.
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    12 but did over 200mil xp that day
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    most for me was 16 in about 5 hours of farming. and of course i have had days with none after 6-8 hours
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    26 is my best.
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    Some days I will find a dozen or so and on others I will find one or two. Pre-patch, I would find one or two a week. I will point out, only ten percent of the drops are worht anything. It's nice however to at least see the spire of light off of a legendary regardless of trash or not.
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    My record far surpasses all of yours: 1.
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    5. 3 of them in about 10 min. 2 of those 3 from one horde (not champions/elite pack). 1 of them sold for almost 200 mln. My luckiest day in d3. Not going to happen again anytime soon I guess.
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