What Monster Power do YOU play on?

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    At the moment I play on Monster Power 2 while comfortably farming whichever act, they're all neat.

    I'm not hugely geared, I would include a link to my build and such but supposedly I don't exist on the D3 website! haha.

    But yeah, what does everyone play on? Also what acts?
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    key runs - mp7, uber runs - mp4/5, depends on party
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    I've been doing key runs on mp5 and did the ubers on mp3 last night. I might try ubers on mp4 next time I go for portals but I only run ubers when I have three infernal machines to garentee I get to do each one.
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    MP3 because i can play faster...friends say i could do MP5 but have not tried it yet...
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    MP3 when I'm doing my normal runs. MP6+ when I'm doing infernal machine. I'm able to farm higher mp then 3, but 3 is the most fluid playstyle.
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    I found that for my gear, most efficient is MP4.

    I can kill stuff on higher levels with no problem, but its just too slow and too boring for my taste.

    I lose to much time/loot doing higher MP levels.

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    MP1 act 3 for xp/items farming (then I can put on my low-EHP gear and facemelt everything with sub-optimal but fun builds)

    MP5 for keys/uber

    MP7/8 for EHP testing purposes, but it's not really fun, so never more than a few minutes.
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    Im soloing in mp5 as a DH atm because of the time aspect, i can do 6 but it takes to damn long time ;p
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    Depends on what I'm doing:

    For Farming, I could play higher MP levels, but actually prefer MP 0 for Act 3 and MP 1 for Act 1 and 2, it's a lot more efficient in terms of time spent for Legendaries and Set's gained.

    For Übers, I'll do the highest MP possible or have someone carry me at MP 10

    For Leveling Alts, MP 10 with hellfire ring and other +% bonus exp gear.

    It's all relative in the end.
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    key runs MP7, ubers MP8 (or 7 if i cant find party for 8) and exp farming on MP5
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    farming xp on mp2, farming loot on mp5, farming keys on mp7, farming ubers on mp8
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    Keys mp4-5, Ubers mp6-7, Alts mp10
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    Full act clears - MP3
    Key runs - MP6
    Ubers - MP8
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    mp4 farming and mp7 ubers

    i believe mp2 or 3 would be more efficient.. but i just find it boring
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    I farm xp + legendaries on mp 2, found it to be most effective and for some reason i find good drops. I can farm on mp 4/5 but its just too slow. For keys / ubers i do mp 5.

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    Play mp2 for farming and mp7 for ubers
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    This last week ive been locked on mp10 only, its a bit slower than usual, but since i dont play alot and mostly do keyruns, the 100% guarantee of drop is nice, as well as alot more loot cus of the "extra drop" % on mp10, also i find it most challenging = more fun for me. Im not insanely geared but i can do it with acceptable amounts of deaths to some elites. CM wiz / Permafreeze spec atm
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    I do alkaiser in about 12-13 min on mp5 . I dont run uber anymore because im lvl 91 and i got a decent hellfire ring but i did uber on mp10 , key farm on mp8 .
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    XP/Loot farming: MP2 Archon with 200k+dps. I bump to MP3 if I'm looking for A3 key, like I am now since I have like 10 of each of the others.
    Key farming: MP6-7 CM with 100k dps. Think I can do a key run in about 15 min on MP6, and about half that is time spent running around looking for the darn warden.
    Ubers: MP7 CM, haven't tried higer but probably could tank 8-9 just fine.
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    Key runs:

    ACt 1 - MP6
    Act 2 - MP5
    Act3 - MP4 Act 3 XP grinding also MP4

    Ubers- MP9 (Gotta get those organs.)
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