Lousy Pothead DH, Giveaway after every death

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    Lousy Pothead DH, Giveaway after every death

    Hey guys, I came across this really nub low paragon level demon hunter that does a giveaway every time he dies or gains a level on stream. He dies quite often and I am just counting down the days until he becomes broke. I actually feel sorry for the poor pathetic bastard and I want to motivate him by getting him more viewers before he files for chapter 11. I have already won the giveaway twelve times within the past day. In addition to being one of the worst demon hunters I’ve ever seen, he is also an open pothead. We all know that drugs distort your senses, so he is just making it easier for everyone to take his stuff.

    The caster also has a level 98 paragon barb that can carry people in uber runs and does gear checks and budget tips for all classes if anyone needs help. So if you want some free stuff, come and check out his stream.

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