Is blizzard hunting bots

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    I was just browsing the AH, and found a few auctions for valuable items with a bid of zero. Biding on them doesn't work obviously. I wonder if they are placed to catch AH bots or something like that...

    Here's a screenshot:

    or is there a simpler explanation? Can you post an item with 0 starting bid and thus break the system?
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    I think it maybe kind of bug. Dunno really
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    just found depth diggers with 0 gold bid and 3.5 hours to go, it's probably an expired auction that bugged a bit and stayed on the list
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    its just an aborted auction ...
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    From my experience, this is a bug. I don't think it's an Expired auction or a Cancelled auction like others have mentioned.

    The reason I say this is because I bid on an item earlier today. It was showing on my Auctions tab and I later got outbid. I tried to bid on it from my Auctions tab but was unable to, even though there were a few hours left to the auction (I knew there were a few hours left on the clock because I bid on it earlier and also it showed the proper time left in the AH). I tried to search for the item and once I found it, it showed with 0 bid in the Search tab.
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    Probably just an expired auction that was somehow left behind, as someone earlier stated.
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    its just a bug
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    If i remember i have seen that kind of items when RMAH was under maintenance and they may just be auctions for real money moved for that time to normal ah. Just a wild thought.
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