Rakkis Crossing

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    Why does almost every act 3-xp-route like Alkaizer's for instance leave Rakkis Crossing out? There's hardly any location with such short runtime between mobs. So is it the low xp of the fallens? I still get alot of xp from massacres that happen every few seconds. Also there's a wp, many shrines, I just don't understand it. Please tell me, thanks :)
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    I have no idea, i run it every time. You're right, short run time and can get anywhere from 2-4 blue/yellow mobs.....
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    It's not round :)

    I'm serious. If you look at Alkaizers route, it's also built such that you reduce TP times and such. E.g. you start at the checkpoint before Azmodan and run back to the WP, TotD lvl 1 you make one circle from WP back to the WP, and in fields you also make one circle. The two areas where you actually port are Keep lvl 2 and Arreat lvl 2... those are just crazy XP, so it's worth it.

    Rakki is not bad, and if you read one of Alkaizers interviews you see that he only strictly stuck to his route for the last 10 paragon levels, for much of the rest he did siegebreaker - azmodan and similar runs.

    A lot of people include Rakkis in their runs. Personally most of the time I skip it... it's too random.
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    i always do rakkis from waypoint back to the korsikk bridge waypoint. i pretty much do any location that gives easy nonstop archon
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    I gathered some xp data in 1.04 and found that it wasn't that great. Back then, with the gear I had at the time and as a WD, it was about 20 million / hour, same as fields of slaughter, and slightly more than keep 1 or stonefort. My xp runs consist of core, keep 3, tower 1, and arreat 1+2. I do sometimes hit up rakkis for a change of pace though.
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    What Thundersteele said. I have to say though its pretty good for key farming. Start at Tower of the Damned lvl1, circle, wp to Rakkis, clear it until 5 NV stacks, teleport and wp to Stonefort.
    Good thing about Rakkis and NV stacks is there are two possible events, which both now award NV stack and possibility of getting an elite pack in those doors close to the wp. Not to mention the sometimes crazy amount of elite packs just running around.
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    2 potential issues that may make rakkis not worth it:

    1. Occasional long run between monsters (staris and such) increases chance to lose berserker, as well as the area at the edge when you to into the battlefields.

    2. Fallen just run away in an annoying way for melee classes. I guess for archon this isn't a problem though which might make this zone good enough to add for archon users.

    As for TP saving, I think you can go from rakkis down to fields and run in a "snake-like" pattern that covers everything and ends at the waypoint with minimal/no backtracking, so I doubt the "it's not a circle" is actually a primary concern for why rakkis crossing is not used.
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