Maintenance Patch?

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    Guys, I know the game isnt supposed to be back up for another 40 min but is anyone else getting a message saying that there's a new patch to download instead of getting a "look at server status" prompt? This has never happened to me before and there's no patch to download so any insight would be helpful.
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    perhaps there having major goat related server issues? JK, i am getting the same message...
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    Its happened before, the new patch isnt downloading yet. So the game is looking for the new patch, but yet you cant download it.

    It happens with the small fix patches after major ones.

    and the download has started all should be good now... hopefully.. maybe.. lol
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    I am getting this message. The game closes and reopens but never applies the patch. So I log into the game and it gives the same message. Guess it's not ready to be played yet.

    Why do LoL and D3 have to be down at the same time! QQ

    Edit: 1 minute later patch applies, servers still down.
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    patch is downloading now.
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    Patch server is up but bnet is still down
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