What would you like to see next patch?

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    Quote from fragdieb

    p v p ...

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    Eactly bring on the PvP!!!!! Lets kill some Nerds :P
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    Not going to list additions to the game that are obvious for an expansion pack but instead focusing on more pressing matters imo. With that in mind , here goes :

    1) Crafting made viable again and at the same time more interesting.

    2) Many legendary items still have zero chance of being good. Fix that.

    3) Too many rares! Having to identify an inventory full of rares every 15 minutes is very tedious, for me at least. Reduce quantity but improve quality. Bring back some excitement when a rare item drops.

    4) Ways to keep the in-game economy fresh without eventually resorting to a ladder type system ! Yes , no ladder resets this time!!!

    5) Infinite dungeon! Whatever that maybe , sounds good!
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    Mobile AH so I can check bids while at work and only have browser access to the world beyond my office window...!
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    I think the crafting should be cheaper, i personally just wont waste millions of gold on items, which have the same chance to be good, as the ones dropping in the game.
    Seconly, i think white items need a purpose. I thought that they could have sockets, as they had in Diablo 2, probably more sockets than rare and magic items, and this yould bring back the runewords also.
    Another suggestion is to add little notifier icons, so when u are standing on a molten or a plagued area, you can see it, just as the game shows u if u are stang in the desecrated area or not. This can be quite tricky to guess, especially with mobs who have both mods, and u cant even see, that the grund is molten beneath the plagued animation, or it isnt.
    I also frequently annoyed with the keybinding system. Its really just bad. I want to be able to assign any skill to any button, yet now u only can assign a few skills to be on the left mouse button. Also i dont wanna use the right mouse, but cant unbind it. And there are a lot stupid carved in binds, for keys i would use otherwise, e.g. Ctrl
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    1) PvP
    2) MORE Legendary Weapons
    3) Better build diversity - Without nerfing current builds.
    4) Improved AH options
    5) ONE extra Active and Passive Skill with better tuned cooldowns.
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    Others have already said these things but here goes:

    I want some items fixed, like two handed rares, they are all trash now because of Skorn. Its almost the same with rare crossbows and Manticore.

    I want them to add more legendaries to the game, i think they will do so in the expansion pack. I'd like to see several types or atleast two of each item level.

    I want to be able to clear a whole act and progress to the other without having my nv charges removed. Maybe even allow waypoint action between acts man that would be awesome.

    I'd like to see some more of those mini events / side quests... I mean there are quite a few but not enough in my opinion.

    I hope pvp will be good...
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    Good pvp.......
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    I would like them to add a feature to the AH where you can mouseover items and see the changes to your dps/hp/armor just as if you were in game. This would make compairing equipment easier.
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    @Jamoose: not just add more events, but make them meaningful enough that we'd want to take part. An example: the 'Bones' event in Act 1 cemetery crypts. Did that one last night, with 5 NV stacks, and got zilch. A few blues, a health potions, a gem, and that was it.
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    Quote from Cobearz

    Hey guys, this is a topic about what would you personally like to see be added next patch. We got a long ways from the next one so lets incorporate some ideas and maybe we might just see them add it?

    Should reset/swap skills reset valor?
    Recently there was a vote, it was about "Should Valor reset if you change/swap skills." I believe there was more No then Yes. In my opinion you should not be punished if you reset your skills as this is a way to promote build diversity and its the main reason why you even get loot. This should be discussed more as this could very well happen.

    Weapon Swapping.
    As heroes of the sanctuary we should be as powerful as possible. For a long time now people have been going into their inventory to gear swap. How painful is that...open inventory click on the item and re-close it. What a yuck design we should NEVER have to open our inventory unless we need to sell/identify items! This would not only add more flavor to our heroes and their build diversity but it could promote using different weapon types and what stats are offered on them.

    Build diversity and you.
    Our heroes have plenty of moves, but no where near enough slots to use them though. This is the hard part of making things still balanced but not turning people into OP machines and cookie cutters. We really only should have ONE extra slot 1-5 up from 1-4. Adding that one slot can make a huge difference and some of the builds we play and would like to play. We could also add another slot for passive though as well. Regardless I think just think one skill slot or passive slot is needed. With this extra slot we can easily find new builds and solutions for our heroes/classes.

    Now this issue is directed towards loot and how it can roll on certain stats. Along with improving the paragon leveling experience.

    The power of paragon leveling!
    Woah! Level 50 paragon ding alert! How awesome is that you are half way there..but its felt like a lifetime and the rewards aren't getting any greater.. =/. Paragon is awesome and gives us a reason to keep going, why not improve paragon more by adding some of these random stats on gear into the paragon system.

    Each Paragon level gives you 3 of your main stat, and 1 on each other. 3% GF and 3% MF.
    I feel like with a new reward system like this paragon would be more effective AND more rewarding.

    One level of Paragon should be 3% MF and 6% GF
    Five level of Paragon should be 250 health globe/potion bonus with 3 yard radius increase
    Ten level of Paragon should be 3% movement speed, 6 main stats, 2 other stats, 25 AR, 150 armor, 6% MF, 9% GF.

    Personally I would love to see all 3 of these in a new patch. This is just all my opinion though but I feel like we almost need these in order for the game to get even better. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and comment on it if you do. Give out some of your ideas guys, lets try to give some ideas to Blizzard. Because you just never know.

    [EDIT] - Wow a lot of feedback from you guys, and plenty of great ideas that I never even thought of. Lets keep up with the ideas guys. You never know if a Blue is watching.

    I think I have to play devil's advocate here:

    should skills reset NV?: YES this is why the mechanic was done in the first place. The lack of permanence in your skill choices is horrid. People should have to stick with their decisions a bit ... how is a 30min run too much to ask? What was happening in Beta was people would respec based on the type of mobs or just for bosses. This is a bad thing and ruins gameplay because you never have to create a "well-rounded" build.

    weapon swapping: NO the game should be fixed so that things take your current gear into account. Again its permanence like the above issue. Why do we need weapon swapping? To swap to that massive DPS 2H to cast your buff? Well the buff should continuously take your current weapon into consideration, not just what was equipped at the time. What about swapping to super MF gear at the end of the fight? Again it's gaming the mechanics for the worse by doing annoying things. Rather than having a weapon swap, there should be a cooldown on equipping gear outside of town, maybe even a cast time.

    having more skill slots: NO all it does is make you more powerful and take additional "buff" spells. the only thing that should really change is to give "necessary" buffs as class default ... i.e. monks OWE should be nerfed slighlty in potency but automatically on all monks, giving up a passive slot.

    paragon level bonuses: NO it's already massive, in fact there shouldn't even be a gold find bonus IMO let alone double rofl. inflation is already a problem and adding more gold into the system just amplifies the problem. The current bonuses of +level stats breaks things too IMO and make your character too powerful (offset by addition of MP) since technically on a character sheet you're lvl 160. I do kind of like the removal of the need for MF nice because MF is a flawed stat in that you stack MF to find gear with more MF. At least now you can outlevel that need. If anything was changed in paragon I'd say make it 0 stat bonuses, 3% mf/lvl, 0 gf, +5 pickup radius/50 lvls, 1% xp/lvl (account-wide so if you have 1 lvl 100 then your next character gets 100% xp bonus to help encourage getting multiple characters to 100).

    for things that would actually benefit people:

    no cap on run speed (let people stack whatever they want: they have to sacrifice other attributes for it anyway and it has a soft cap of like 50 due to gear slots)

    fix shitty lvl 59-62 legendaries and let them roll proper 63 stats including their initial ones. Also buff any "damage" effects like firewalkers to scale with your main stat so it's the equivalent of say 10% weapon damage, etc.

    allow NV to work at any level

    fix crafting by making it far cheaper to roll items or far more expensive but better (+1 attr, lvl 64) than runs ... this'll also create a proper gold sink so the economy won't be so garbage as it is now in SC

    reduce number of rares drops but improve roll quality so we still find same quality over same period of time, but have to look at less garbage (just too many shitty rares to look at)

    remove identify or add a vendor that mass does it
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    Quote from WizArt

    Infinite dungeon..
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    Quote from maka

    @Jamoose: not just add more events, but make them meaningful enough that we'd want to take part. An example: the 'Bones' event in Act 1 cemetery crypts. Did that one last night, with 5 NV stacks, and got zilch. A few blues, a health potions, a gem, and that was it.

    Yeah i totally agree, but you know just how they made some of the mini events with bosses give you NV... This is basically how it should go. The mini events should grant you the equivalent of killing a champion pack or opening a resplendant chest.

    And @DuckWilliamson: I really like your ideas!
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    Make more of the possible builds as viable as the "mandatory" ones.
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    1) Share Magic/Gold from Paragon levels account wide. I would like to play an ungimped alt.
    2) Increase AH CAP to 15 or 20
    3) Give all followers OFFHANDS!
    4) PVP?
    5) Make 2 Handed rares viable
    6) Some sort of bossruns
    7) Game Find system as Diablo 2 had. GG
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    The blacksmith becomes able to add sockets.

    That is all.
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    more crafting.
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    I wanna see more interaction with the environment. "light entertainment" was waaaay the best achievement to earn. Ans also, act 1 is full of unstable walls, chandeliers and s***t but in act 3 or 4 there arent any fun obstacles u can Pulverize with. Really bad
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    PvP and undoing the chances they did to class specific item droprates.
    tired of all these damned devas
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    The whole Thorns system (paired with the rework to the gem). You could have gems give you 10k dmg/hit and it would still not be a solid choice of build. Firstly because it doesn't work on ranged enemies (I'd change that to deal half dmg to ranged enemies). Secondly, with MP and how high your dmg can go with Crit Chance/Crit Dmg (the top notch people are probably doing 500k-1mil in actual dmg/sec - not character chart), it's obvious why a Thorns build won't work at all. So we would need a tweak on the maximum values that these can get on gear (to be actually useful even for non-thorns builds).

    Sooooo much this. I would like a thorn build to be viable, like ye olde thorn paladin in d2 was.
    Maybe thats in the works for the expansion. A shield centered class with thorns as a valid form of damage.
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    Quote from Slayardarklaws

    -Special dungeons you can open with crafted portal, a bit like uber bosses

    Agree on this one as well. Torchlight 2 got a map-vendor after you beat the game. You can buy a map and use it to open a portal to a random dungeon with a boss at the end. The dungeons have random "stats" to them, either boosting you or the monsters in some way. Example you can get x% more gold from drops, monsters do 25% more ice damage or monsters have x% better change to drop magic items. I like that system.
    I can see what you see not. Vision milky, then eyes rot.
    When you turn, they will be gone. Whispering their hidden song.

    Then you see what cannot be. Shadows move where light should be.
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