What would you like to see next patch?

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    I'd love to see a statistics page, a proper one though. One that shows everything from gold statistics, how many magic and rare items we've picked up, sold to vendors. How many Legendaries we've picked up, how many auctions we've sold, bought out, bidded (won and lost), boss kill counter, times died, times nearly died (gone under 10% and lived), Most favoured skill, Least favoured skill. Most time spent in a game... you get the idea.
    A statistics page, would. be. fucking. awesome.
    Bashiok - Blizzard Representative - 08/01/2011 -"So how many skill combinations are there now? Well taking into account 6 active skills, all the rune combinations, and 3 passives we currently expect each class to have roughly 2,285,814,795,264 different build combinations."

    "Hey, I thought you'd like the witty irony of grub-on-glowie violence!"
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