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    I for one got bored with the constant grind of farming. Even with the new MP system its still boring. So I decided to start over. I've deleted all my higher lvl champs on the US servers and have started fresh with a class that is fairly new to me..the WD. I have a lvl 60 Barb and Wiz on the EU side so going that route I did not wanna do. So my choices where either Monk.DH or WD. I'm still fairly low ( around lvl 20 ) and only in act 2 so changing again would be no big deal. But with the new MP system lvl is a lot better. If you have started a new champ or have advise on lvl please let me know. Also I'm open to change my class but leave me a message why a Monk or DH would be better than a WD.
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    I started a monk recently, but I twinked the crap out of her, so I'm probably not in the same boat as you.

    If you farm up the gold for it (or have enough from your previous characters), you can invest in the "Cain's Memory" set for bonus experience.

    Also, I would recommend sticking with a WD given how much potential they have for farming later regarding gear progression.
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