Legen...wait for it...dary Drop Rates

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    Got 3 legendaries (Triumvirate, Madstone and Sever) yesterday in just a quick Stonefort - Ghom run (maybe 40 mins as i only progress with my monk). MP3, 5NV, not more than 20 (^^) MF from items. Also must say that all of them cost less than 1 million (way too far from perfect rolls). So stop whining about droprate please.
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    got preety lucky this last 2 dayd.yesterday echoing fury with socket and 250+ str ,sold for 50 mil .today i got witching hour with high crit dmg and mf on it ,also sold for 50 mil.then few mins ago i got zunimasa chest ,sold for 20 mil

    ;P rng is sometimes great
    i have got nothing against god ,it is his funclub i cant stand !
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    Got 2 decent legendarys within an hour.
    So far i got 4 legendarys wich were pre legendary buff.
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    4 of us played for ~6 hours yesterday. No sets or legendary drops. Friend played for 10 hours. No set or legendary drops.

    Tin Foil Hat - Did Blizz break something with the hotfix or is it just bad luck? I know everyone will say RNG - what have your experiences been since the hotfix yesterday?

    The day before I was finding a legendary almost every other run and it was awesome. Granted all of them suck, I still enjoyed the thrill of at least HOPING to get a good roll on an item.

    Edit: oh also went 2/12 on key/organ drops on MP6 >.

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    Today I got 2 legendaries, one I sold it for 450K too fast, I think I lost some gold there :P the other frostburn gauntlets, lame, but both I got it without 5 NV stack and I run with less than 30% MF :P

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    i get around 5 legedaries per day on average, just today from 1 elite pack i got vile ward (sold for 21mil) and manajuma's carving knife (on AH atm for 7mil)

    getting a very good legendary however aint easy, takes around 4 days to get something very good but it feels good to have 2 legendaries equipped that actually dropped instead of bought on AH :D
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    I got 2 legendaries drop from 1 elite yesterday.. one ilvl 59 xbow and the was ivory tower.. both crap but was pretty awesome seeing two come from the same mob!
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    Weeee found my first legendary 1.0.5 yesterday at paragon lvl5

    cmon this game is droping too much legendaries, drop the rates down pls

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    I like the new drops. it is how it should be. I got 1 legendary per run on average. somethimes 0 for 2 runs and then 4 in 1.
    Most of them are crappy, but from time to time I get quite decent one
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    last 5-6 days i get 1 legendary every 4hours or so and never set items anymore, my game is broken
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    Quote from CheehC

    I got 2 legendaries drop from 1 elite yesterday.. one ilvl 59 xbow and the was ivory tower.. both crap but was pretty awesome seeing two come from the same mob!
    Been waiting for that to happen to me! Saw it once and about had a heart attack. lol I am sure when it happens to me I will have a gamegasm.
    "There is no cow level!"
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    Low MF, yet I found 5 legendaries in act 2 MP3 in about 2 hours. Was really happy about it. Found that unique 2nd sword that summons demons, has alot of int so I gave it to my follower. Also found a high dex Unity which I sold. =)
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    no legens/set items since couple of days now. I havent even got a key from warden on mp7, mp5.. definitely bad luck :/
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    It is even more random right now than it was in 1.0.4... Now you can get a few legends witihn and hour while in 1.0.4 you couldnt get any for weeks but if you're unlucky you won't get anything in 1.0.5... My brother dropped two legendaries in 30 seconds...
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    It shows in the AH too considering that to sell anything these days you have to just put it up and let it sell for what people will pay. Setting the BIN is just too sketchy.
    "There is no cow level!"
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    I managed to get 13 legendaries in one day playing a total of 16 hours Constant A3 MP3 on my monk, on normal days I play around 6-8 hours and usually get a minimum of 3 legendaries.
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    been having really bad luck... it makes me want to put on my tin foil hat and say

    blizz is only nerfing drops for a random % of the playerbase.. if they nerfed everyone it would be too noticeable..

    i know, i know,, RNG.. but sometimes i just feel cursed lol
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    Having a dry spell right now... happens. But I have a very nice screenshot from a few days ago:

    Was fighting two packs and some more trash there, but the legendaries are from the same elite kill. And yes, that's an EF and a Butcher's Sickle. No exceptional rolls, but at least in principle both were usable items :)
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    heh... the above screenshot reminds me when I was playing last week and opened up a resplendent chest... I was bombarded by two legendaries (sadly they were hellrack and windforce). Needlessly to say, it's obvious resplendent chests were buffed this patch :P
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    I've been playing since launch, and had only found one legendary (some uber low level cruddy sword) from 1-60, and getting to Inferno. Once there I grew a little tired of playing the same acts over so I took a break. I'd play periodically when new patches would come out, and now with the newest patch I am playing each day for a few hours after work.

    Day 1 of patch release I got a lowbie legendary after a couple hours of play on a lowbie toon.

    Day 2 I was on a different low level toon, and got myself another legendary, after a couple hours of play.

    (Both legendaries were useable by the class I was on, a wand for my wizard and a 2h sword for my barb)

    Few days passed (during the weekend) and no legendaries. This week I have had two Legendaries drop for my 60 DH (PL10) a cloak and a 1h crossbow, neither were anything amazing, but as always, the orange pillar of glowing goodness is still a nice sight.

    Long story short...

    I have noticed a pretty significant change in drop rates, they are more frequent (even for my low level toons who have no MF whatsoever, this was on 0 MP too, btw).

    To this day, still no set items, though.
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