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    Wanting some input... With MP out now, I was able to farm and get through A1-2 no problems at all, would I now be smarter to farm A3 inferno (seeing as it's 25% easier on MP0 than it was in 1.0.4) or would I be smarter to farm A1 MP1 and just skip the butcher? I can do either, I'm just trying to figure out which would be more efficient.
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    Act 1 MP 1 should be harder than Act 3 MP 0... it should be as hard as Act 3 MP 1 since as soon as you turn Monster Power on every mob in every act is lvl 63... So I wouldn't suggest going into Act 1 MP 1 without going into Act 3 MP 0 first, and make sure you can survive there.
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