1.05 Non AH class

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    With MP out I'm excited to ramp up the difficulty and start a new "non AH" character. Only use what you find, craft, or buy from merchants. Increased MF, exp and difficulty should make it a lot more fun and viable than before.

    Anyone else thinking of doing this? What MP will you play at?
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    I'm happy to see more ppl wanting to experience a non-AH mode of this game.

    I'm playing a WD since release, without touching the AH, and I hope this change will impact in a good way, lets see what happens.
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    My hc wd is already halfway thru hell doing this. You'd be shocked how often you upgrade. Also crafting is your friend.
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    I plan on doing this with the 3 characters I have not leveld yet. Since the hellfire ring no longer has a level req, it will give me an excuse to level all 5 classes.
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    Started my new non AH barb today on MP10. Normal difficulty gets pretty hard, but I'm excited about everything that drops and crafting is useful again. Huzzah!
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    I will make a DH for this challenge.
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    I've been playing self found since day one (overg-1771 if you're interested in checking out my monk). I started out on MP3 Act 1 last night. It was doable, but the time & death / elite ratio wasn't particularly fun, so I dropped down to MP2.

    It will be interesting to see how the increased magic find from monster power affects my gear progression. In 1.04 I hit the point where I was very rarely seeing major upgrades, with character improvements coming from very small upgrades/sidegrades and just mix and matching various pieces of gear I've saved in my stash to see what works best. I didn't find any upgrades in about 3 hours of play last night, but it did seem like I found a few more "almost an upgrade" pieces than I typically would in 1.04.

    I'm loving the fact that it's now viable to farm all Acts. Even at my gear level Acts I and II were too easy to be interesting in 1.04, so the fact that those are now viable areas for me (not to mention Act IV, which I could beat but not at any reasonable speed) is great.

    My hope/goal is to do a complete MP2 runthrough, and hopefully find an upgrade or two which will allow me to progress through MP3 at a more tolerable rate.
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