Another BILLION Gold Giveaway on Twitch! - This Time for Charity

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    Last month we gave away 1 Billion gold on my live-stream ( At the time I thought it would be the only time we'd be able to do it, but we're doing it again, this Saturday (October 20th) and it's going to be even better!

    We've been raising money for Boston Children's Hospital, and are currently the #2 Fundraiser on (a great charity for gamers to help kids). The charity ends on October 20th with a 24-Hour Gaming marathon from 8am until 8am PST on the 21st. I want to make sure we raise as much as possible, and so I bought 1 billion gold on the RMAH, and we'll be giving it to a random person who donates to the cause.

    To be entered, you only need to donate $5. 100% of the money goes to Boston Children's Hospital, I never even see the money, so you can feel safe donating. If you're skeptical of the charity you can do some research on Extra Life and you'll see they raised $1.2 Million last year. If you're skeptical of the 1 Billion gold giveaway you can talk to anyone who was at the last giveaway who will tell you it's completely random and we show the entire process.

    In addition to the 1 Billion gold, we'll be giving away a TON of other in-game and RL items throughout the day. It would mean a lot to us on the stream and the children at Boston Children's Hospital if you could stop by and show your support. Even if you're not able to donate, just being on the channel will help raise awareness for the cause.

    Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We've raised over $9,000, and we're aiming for $15,000
    Come hang out with us on Twitch (I Live-Stream on there from 8am - 3pm PST Every day): We play a lot of different games, and I give away ALL the item drops =)
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    Can't wait this is a great thing your doing keep up the good work
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    Good work. Up.
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    This is really amazing, I'll be hanging around the channel! Great initiative!
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    Your charity work is impressive and inspiring. Keep up the great work!! Your stream rocks, and I wouldn't miss this Saturday's event for anything.

    I know there are haters and skeptics out there. Before you run your mouth, just do some research. Its a real charity and Archon doesn't see a penny of the money. Donations dont go to Archon to be forwarded to Donations go directly to the charity.

    Peace out,
    - VirtualReality69
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    This is so great. May the RNG god help you on your quest for the children guys!
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    Nice. Good luck to all.
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    good work for a good cause =O
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