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    I understand that setting the MP to whatever value will change all monster level in all act to 63, and now the stat of item is decided by monster level, item level serve the prupose of the base stat value only, so here we go:

    Q1 - In 1.0.5, is it correct that if I didn't set any MP, the drop rate for ilvl63 item & the difficulty of every Act in inferno remain the same as 1.0.4 ?

    Q2 - In 1.0.5, if I set MP to 1 (or higher), the monster level change to 63 through all act in Inferno. Is that mean the difficulty of Act 1 & Act 4 is same?

    Q3 - Continue from Q2, the drop rate of ilvl63 in Act 1 is 4.8% or same as Act 4 which is 16.3% ?

    Q4 - What is if I can handle MP10 solo in Inferno, it's better for me to farm Act 1 Inferno or Act 3/4 Inferno if I want to get better loot? Or it's same for either Act since I set MP10 to both scenario.

    Q5 - {What is if I can handle MP9 quite well but can't handle MP10 in smooth, compare the HP of monster in MP9 and MP10, I think its better for me to farm in MP9, since MP10 only benefit me extra [25% XP & MF & GF] but turns the monster to make massive damage and high HP.} <--- Is this point of view correct?

    *Sorry for poor English, I already try my best :X
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    Q1 - correct. Act 1 will still have enemies lvl 61, and the loot drops will roll ilvl 61 affixes. If it's MP1, enemies will be lvl 63 (hit harder, live longer), but their loot drops will roll ilvl 63 affixes.

    Q2 - Well, it depends on your class/build. If you're really annoyed by Scavengers in Act 1 and Deceivers/Lurkers Act 2, you're probably find those Acts really hard, since Act 4 doesn't have similar monster (Act 3 has Lashers, but they're slower/weaker than scavengers imo).

    Overall, Act 4 should still be the most difficult due to the curses that are cast on you (dmg when you use resource, reducing armor/resistances, slow), and due to the nature of Meteor casting enemies, charging Angels and Oppressors.

    Q3 - It should be, but it really won't matter if the ilvls 58-62 can roll ilvl 63 affixes. The only thing that will matter is how armor looks and their base value (from what we currently know - could change). Should be easier to find good Archon-looking armor in Acts 3/4.

    Q4 - MP10 is set to all Acts. Act 1 mobs will have similar numbers (dmg/hp) to Act 4 mobs. The only difference should be that Act 1 is filled with skeletons and mechanically simpler enemies than later Acts.

    Q5 - True. And if you can stomp MP7, it would probably be more "time efficient" to farm it. Maybe even in a lower MP (3-6)/ Technically, the bonus in MF/GF/Exp is increased by very little while their HP/Dmg is increased by a considerable amount which would mean that it's better to farm what you can stomp.

    Personally, I'll play whatever I'm in the mood to. If I feel like putting on the tryhard pants and do the most I can handle with some better chance at improved rewards, I'll do it. If I'm just in the mood to lay back and stomp stuff, I'll play on a lower MP :D awesome system..
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    Thank you so much for the clear reply!
    Actually MP4 is the max I can go...
    Still wondering how people solo MP9 in smooth~~
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