Need help choosing MP level to farm?

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    Hello! I've been browsing the forums a little bit and found somereally useful posts that lead me to try my own calculations to decide wich MP level to farm, here are my conclusions.

    Here I wanted to point to KageKaze's post about values for different MP, and POI5ON's post about HP, but I can't post links, please note that credit is due to them.

    With the information on those post I came up with this spread sheet that I'm going to try to explain.

    (If anyone can tell me how to post the excel sheet or img here I'll do it) sorry =(

    Second and third column are nothing new, the second is the amount of HP a monster should have in each MP taking MP0 as the base (it's not the increment, but the total amount). Ex: a monster in MP will have 6.166x HP if that same monster has x HP in MP0.
    The fourth column is where my own calculations kick in, I assumed that it takes you "x" time to kill an elite pack (let's assume 1 minute as a totally random number), with that assumption, the elite pack would take you 32 minutes to kill in MP10, so what the fourth column says is how many elite packs you can kill in the time you kill one in MP10. Ex: in MP4 you could kill elite packs in those 32 minutes.
    The fifth column tries to calculate how many rares would you expect to get, assuming you get one per pack.
    The last column multiplies the amount of items you have times your MF. Why? Because it shows a comparable number between MPs, here you can say that it's kinda the same to get 7 items at 100% MF than 14 items at 50% MF, the chance of one of them being great is the same.

    My conclusion is that you should go to MP 2, 3 or 4 to maximize efficiency.

    Things to consider:
    - I know I made a few assumptions, given that a lot of things in this game are based on randomness, assumptions were necessary.
    - I know I didn't take into account how fast you can find another elite pack, I was just testing killing speed vs. reward.
    - RNG is RNG. So you can never say for sure what's the best way to go, you can just theorize and hope for the best

    Any questions you may have post them here and I'll try to clear things up the best I can.

    Positive feedback is welcomed, if I made some mistakes along the way I'll be happy to correct them and learn in the process.

    Hope this is useful as some kind of starting point for your 1.0.5 runs.
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    A couple things to account for are base MF you have before NV and MP, base XP bonus, and if you are trying to farm XP or items, or a combination of the two. The reason is because the MF and XP gains are static for the MP levels but the relative gain depends on how much you have before the gain. If you have 0 MF you see a relatively larger increase in rares obtained than someone with 300 MF when raising your MP level, for example.

    With those in mind, I think the only thing that really matters is how long it takes you to clear your farm route in each MP level. You can then take the average run time and compare the ratio of run times to the ratio of MF+100% base, or XP+base to see which is the most efficient act to farm. For most people I suspect it's more like MP0-2 for Act 3.

    This should work well for comparing runs of the same act. To compare different acts you'd probably have to track how many rares you get on average per run or xp gains per run.
    Wizard DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, mostly useful for wizards.
    Crusader DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, meant for Crusaders
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    Haven't run this for XP yet, when I figure out how to attack the sheet I can move on to Xp, so for the moment is just for item hunting.

    As for relative gain goes, if you add a fixed amount of MF across al MP levels, the winners tur out to bet MP 1 and 2, since the amount of items you get create a much larger base and the relative gain in higer MP levels fades out.

    And yes, eventually it all comes down to your farming speed, that's why it's the core of my calculations.
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