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    Hey i understand that if you play on PTR and let say you are paragon lvl 40 wen you start in PTR.
    and you gain 10 pglvl. in PTR.
    then you wont gain the 10 pglvl. on your normal diablo account.. ??
    and all loot you find in PTR will not come back to your normal diablo account??
    why is this?

    blue post:

    You can actually play your live characters and your PTR characters at the same time. But, as other players have mentioned, any progress you make on your PTR account will not be saved and it cannot be transferred back to your live Diablo III account.
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    Because it is a TEST realm...
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    Because it's beta test? The whole point of this is to test stuff so when you get patch live you won't have problems. If everyone could save their progress then PTR serves absolutely no purpose.
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    okay cool i was afraid that it was like that after the pacth..
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    Yeah, good thing people do not progress in the test development of things :)

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