Price Fluctuation over time [EU]

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    I am trying to understand how price and the actual currency (both gold and real money) fluctuate in time over a longer period (weeks).
    I play on EU servers only and have used the RMAH.

    So far I have been able to understand the following:

    1. Pretty obvious: each patch modifies prices (1.0.3 reduced the price of everything with IAS due to the the reduction of IAS to half, at the moment weapon prices, especially middle gear weapons are going down a lot, 1.0.5 will probably increase [by a little] the price of defensive stats and so on).

    2a. Both gold and real money seem to be the best way to keep money as all the items loose value each week. I understand that it is logical for real money to keep their value.
    2b.The curios finding here is that gold also keeps its value over time (i quit the game for several weeks 2 times and the gold i had left could buy me items a lot better when I came back). This is probably due to the fact that better items are found faster than gold which leads to the logical conclusion that items have lower prices in gold. This (less gold found than items) is probably going to change in the future, at least a little, because so far people focused mainly on MF gear, while now paragon levels bring both MF and extra gold at the same rate.

    3. Since 1.0.4, Gem prices (i mean from Radiant Squares and up) have been quite constant both in gold and real money. On the other hand flawless gems have seen a rise in price in the last week or so if I am not mistaking.

    4. Weapons are loosing their worth with each day passing. I am not able to understand why this is happening atm.

    There are several more trends than i am noticing, but they are due to patch changes mostly (legacy items have started to be worth a little more as they are harder to find on the AH atm).

    The purpose here is to try to understand the economy in general and only as a side-note the economy changes which are caused by game changes (patches).

    I am very interested in hearing everyone's opinion on this and what they have noticed.
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    Quote from ilumm

    4. Weapons are loosing their worth with each day passing. I am not able to understand why this is happening atm.

    the lvl 63 weapon affixes can now also roll on 61 and 62 weapons ... the difference is only the base item now..wich is quite a smal difference ... you almost can say, good weapons now drop 3 times as often than before the pacht
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