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    A few days ago, there was a topic talking about possible D2-style runes. There was a lot of good discussion there, and I had a couple of ideas on how it should probably go. This is me taking these thoughts and running with them.

    So, the basic idea is that the current gems are too limited and too easy to game. There is no variety in slot choices: Weapons are always Emeralds (other than people desperate for LOH), helmets are always Amethysts (other than MF sets), and everything else is just your primary stat with MAYBE a couple of Amethysts if you are short on health.

    Caveats to this are the cautionary tales from D2. The runes were cool, runewords are the devil. Crossing class abilities is generally not smart, and they should not ever be so powerful that they end up replacing your gear or totally warping what you're looking for.

    So here are the basics:

    1) Any gear slot other than Follower Special that cannot currently roll sockets gains the ability to roll one slot. This important to how the system ends up working, read on.
    2) The Power Stones end up emulating almost every single affix in the game that is not already present on gems (and some which are but are slot-limited)... but at low power. You will never see a +70 Resist-All Stone, but you may just get 5.
    3) Power Stone affixes are limited for the most part to the same categories of items which can hold that affix. Class-specific ones are the exception here: they can go onto any slot the class-specific items which hold them normally occupy (so, for example, you could put APoC on a 2H Axe)
    4) The baseline of power for the best Power Stones is roughly what you can roll on an iLvl 30 item. Adjustments are made up and down from this line for fairness and usability (and for presence, since somethings like Indestructable are never there until a bit higher)
    5) It needs to be said, the presence of an affix will NEVER give a class-specific benefit, resource, or ability to a different class.

    For all of this, creation is handled by the Mystic, the craftswoman met in the Spider's Lair but removed during Beta. There is no need for new materials (though Pages and Tomes of Mysticism would likely be added). Base Gems and Salvage work, along with probably a few of the very basic Power Stones which would start dropping.

    *whew*, now for the part that took freaking forever and really isn't done, the specifics. Remember that these currently only represent what would be the maximum available with a capped-out crafter. Lesser amounts will be craftable as the Mystic comes up the ranks. I will be editing this post frequently as I figure more out and according to feedback both here and elsewhere. I'll try to sort by category, and in some cases (like Class Skill boosts) I'm going to skip several for now.

    Note that "Armor" means Chest, Helm, Legs, Bracers, Shoulder, and Boots. "Jewelry" means Amulet and Ring. "Offhand" means Mojo, Source, or Quiver.

    Maximum Fury: +9 Max, usable on Weapons and Belts
    Hatred Regen: 0.75 hatred/second, usable on Weapons, Chest Armor, and Offhand
    Maximum Discipline: +5 Max, usable on Weapon, Offhand, and Chest Armor
    Spirit Regen: 1.5 Spirit per Second, usable on Weapons and Helmets
    Life per Spirit Spent: 1.5 Life per Spirit Spent, usable on Weapons and Helmets
    Mana Regen: 5 MpS, usable on Weapons, Offhands, and Helmets
    Max Mana: +50 Max, usable on Weapons, Offhands, and Helmets
    Arcane Power on Crit: 5 APoC, usable on Weapons, Offhands, and Helmets
    Max Arcane Power: +8 Max, usable on Weapon, Helmet, and Offhand.

    <Gigantic list, will edit in later>

    Specific Resist: +25, usable on Amulet, Armor, Ring, Shield, and Offhand
    Resist All: +10, usable on Amulet, Armor, Ring, Shield, and Offhand
    Damage Reduction: 3% reduction versus Elite, Melee, or Ranged, usable on Armor or Shield
    Armor: +90, usable on any other than Weapons

    Blind: 2% on hit, usable on Weapons and Jewelry
    Chill: 2% on hit, usable on Weapons, Shoulders, and Jewelry
    Fear: 2% on hit, usable on Weapons, Helmet, and Jewelry
    Freeze: 2% on hit, usable on Weapons, Belt, and Jewelry
    Immobilize: 2% on hit, usable on Weapons, Boots, and Jewelry
    Knockback: 2% on hit, usable on Weapons, Bracers, and Jewelry
    Slow: 2% on hit, usable on Weapons, Pants, and Jewelry
    Stun: 2% on hit, usable on Weapons, Gloves, and Jewelry

    Experience: +15 per kill, usable on Jewelry, Weapons, Armor, Offhand, and Shield
    Health Globe Bonus: +500 healed per globe, usable on Jewelry, Armor, Offhand, and Shields
    Life On Hit: +25 LOH, usable on any slot.
    Life On Kill: +100 LOK, usable on any slot
    Life Steal: 2%, usable on Weapons
    Life Regen: +20 Life per Second, usable on Armor and Jewelry
    Indestructable: ...what it says. Usable on any slot
    Move Speed: +10%, usable on Boots
    Thorns: 30 damage to melee attackers, usable on Amulet, Armor, and Shield

    Thanks for making it this far, and PLEASE share your thoughts, reccommendations, and any constructive criticisms you may have.
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    sounds fun
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