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    First, log into D3 and go into whatever game you want. Minimize and go to "START" -> "Command Prompt"
    Second, once in "Command Prompt" type "netstat -n" and you will get a bunch of internet IP's

    ... You will have two IP's ending in :1119, so it should look like XX.XXX.XXX.XXX:1119.
    One of these internet IP's will always be the same and end in 193:1119, which looks like XX.XXX.XXX.193:1119

    Now the 2nd IP ending in :1119 will have random numbers in place of ".193:"
    You want those random numbers to be two digits or less and an even number like 72, 4, 12, 30, basically anything under 98...

    Also, just leave your game (no need to log out) and rejoin and research your IP

    ACT1 Ponies : Between ~2-3 runs
    4: one legendary, thirteen 63s
    12: five 63s
    26: eleven 63s
    28: nine 63s
    40: six 63s
    62: sixteen 63s
    64: eleven 63s
    68: one legendary, nine 63s
    72: three legendary, eighteen 63s
    74: two legendary, fifteen 63s
    76: two legendary, fifteen 63s
    78: one legendary, seventeen 63s
    86: nine 63s
    ACT3 Keep Depths LVL 1-3, Second Heart, Azmodan
    2: twenty four 63s
    12: eighteen 63s
    16: one legendary, twenty 63s
    18: twenty one 63s
    24: twenty four 63s
    26: twenty two 63s
    30: twenty three 63s
    38: sixteen 63s (didn't finish)
    50: twenty 63s
    68: nineteen 63s
    72: five legendary, sixty six 63s (5 runs)
    74: seven legendary, ninety 63s (7 runs)
    76: three legendary, eighty five 63s (7 runs)
    78: three legendary, eighty two 63s (6 runs)
    92: twenty two 63s

    The IP's that aren't mention are not so good, the best for me are 72 and 78 i got firends looting a lot of legendarys on 46 and 60 so Try it out.
    This is Still Working !!! 12.09.2012 !!!
    Today did 3 runs on 78:1119 got 3 legendarys 2 lvl 63 and 1 lvl 62, so i am lucky or the exploit is still not fixed ..

    I Got All my Legendarys from Normal Mobs so Don't forget to Press ALT and check the drops from the Normal Mobs (if not u can see the ground glowing in Orange / Brown color).

    Here is a Perfect Example :

    I asked around 50 ppl to test it on different forums and from those 50 people 45 got a Legendary / Set item dropped.

    Update : Got over 4000 ppl's feedback!
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    This is madness.
    "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." Shigeru Miyamoto-nintendo boss

    "I think it's hilarious because gamers won't be getting watered down anything.
    This is flat out Diablo 3." -Anonymous discussing the console version
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    Quote from brx

    This is madness.

    No This is Diablo 3 Loot Server Thing xD
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    This sounds like an exploit.....watch your back.
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    Quote from Rolist

    This sounds like an exploit.....watch your back.

    Don't think it's an exploit or something that u can get ban for because all u are doing is just checking the IP's u are connected (not only for diablo but for other things ;) )
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    If this is true, I need to ask Blizzard if they are really serious about this. The same thing happened also in DIablo II. If i remind correctly, there it was to hunt down the Diablo Clone, but im not sure about it, its just too long ago.
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    this is bullshit, surely...
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    I never post here as you can tell this is post #1 for me but for what its worth I tried this after seeing it on another forum because I have terrible luck with finding set and or legendary items. I checked and got a .74 server for act 3 and begin my clearing route. Couldn't believe me eyes when I finally saw a set item drop! No magic find gear just paragon level 24. RNG? Probably. Needeless to say I will be checking it from now on, can't hurt to try it.
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    It's probably just dumb luck, but I haven't found a legendary since the patch, but I rejoined games until I found one meeting this criteria and found a ilvl 63 legendary 1 hand crossbow from the first pack in the pony level..
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    Just did a complete act 3 run on my barb on number 72 and got nothing.
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    Quote from Fentality

    Just did a complete act 3 run on my barb on number 72 and got nothing.

    Thats why you take this with a grain of salt. Does say he did 5 runs with a .72 IP.
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    Just because you have numbers doesn't mean you have proof.
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    I'm sure it's dumb luck like most people have stated. However, on server 58 (i think it was) with no mf from gear and pargon level 5 on my wizard I did get a Sun Keeper on my second pack of elites.
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    Oh no. Not this bulls**t again...
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    >loot server
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    This is no way an exploit but it does carry a huge YMMV with it. It could all just be a happy coincidence, or it could be certain game server IPs do actually generate "better loot tables." I have a friend that swears he's seen more legendary drops based on the criteria, but I haven't had the same luck. Either way this may or may not prompt Blizzard to alter the item generation on game creation ... or impose a stricter game creation limit.
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    I tried this tonight for shits and giggles. Two nearly complete act 3 runs (started with keep depths), paragon level 10, about 150 mf with 5 stacks + gear mf + templar, no legendaries or sets.

    My conclusion from my one data point: there is no conclusion to be had from my one data point.
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    So I tried it, and boom, after only a few mobs a green item is on the ground. Unfortunately it was just a quest letter...
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    I am running with 289 MF once NV is stacked

    A1, pony level, #30, after farming 5 nv outside of pony level.
    8 ilvl 61
    5 ilvl 62
    7 ilvl 63

    A1, pony level, #38, after farming 5 stack NV outside of pony level
    4 ilvl 61
    9 ilvl 62
    7 ilvl63

    A1, pony level, #135, after farming 5 stack NV outside of pony level
    9 ilvl 61
    4 ilvl 62
    7 ilvl 63
    1 legendary 62 (fire walkers yay)
    1 legendary 63 (windforce yay)

    My best run was in an IP opposite of what was stated int his thread. Debunked? No. Probably just lucky as fuck. But either way, I still think RNG is RNG and the idea of "loot servers" is probably bull. But for shits n giggles I will continue to fuck with the idea and post my findings.

    BTW, the Firewalkers were a 2500 DPS increase over my previous boots and the Windforce was better than the one I already had. So to all the whiners out there saying you can't drop your own loot I say HAHAHAHAHA@U.

    Edit: formatting, spelling
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    For your act 3 runs, how many elites do you kill on average per run (including stacking NV)? And what is your approximate base MF % before NV?
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