MF and Act1/Act2 runs, which one is better?

Poll: Which do you consider a better choice?

Magic Find and Act1/2 Farm

Which do you consider a better choice? - Single Choice

  • Farm Act 2 with MF from paragon lvls only (no MF gear) 0%
  • Farm Act 1 with 180-190 MF (unbuffed) 100%
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    I've been farming Act 1 with my current MF gear (180-190 MF unbuffed), but I've find many rare items with iLevel 58 and lower, that really are vendor trash, as well as 5-6 affix ilvl 63 items that followed the same path (not good rolls).

    I can farm Act 2, but since my MF gear drops my dps in half, I think I would need my normal gear to be able to farm it at a decent rate, without many problems.

    The question I have is the following: Which do you think is better? To farm Act 1 with 180-190 MF (unbuffed), get 5 stacks of NV and do a good run or to farm Act 2 with the MF you get from paragon levels only and also the 5 stacks of NV? In my case I'm paragon lvl 5, so my MF is kinda low based only on paragon lvl.
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    I think Act 2 is better to farm purely because of the higher chance of better items dropping.
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    I think I remember act 2 having roughly twice the ilvl 61-63 drop rate as act 1. Fwiw, acts 3-4 have twice the drop rate of act 2. So keeping that in mind, do whatever will get you the most i61-63 rares per hour. Which act is best will depend on your mf gear and your reg. gear, there's no set answer.
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    i tend to go act 1 to fool around and kill some elites, to get steam off some of the annoying act 3 packs i've met...
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