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    Hi to everyone, my name is FeZiLi0. I have recently entered this community, in order to elaborate a poll or questionnaire for an economics project.
    I would be pleased if you people answer to the following questions (answers can be approximations),
    1. How much gold do you generate nowadays in 1 hour of playing?
    2. How much time have you been playing this game? (since release ,15 may 2012)
    3. Before starting playing, did you have any previous experience in this kind of games, MMORPG´s (massive multiplayer online role playing games)?
    4. If u didn´t, have you read any guides or videos where the game was explained or where it described an easier way to produce gold?
    5. In which difficulty are you playing nowadays, normal, nightmare, hell or inferno?

    Thanks for the help, I appreciate it a lot!

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    1. Anywhere from 150-300k. Depends on which Act I'm playing, with which character, and whether I bother picking gold stacks and blues (properly salvaging/vendoring them). I also usually get at least 2-4 half decent items that can be sold on the AH, which improves that to around 500-600k.

    2. I'm totalling 300~ hours right now (minus the time spent afk or just chatting with friends in-game, or slowly progressing and having laughs), divided amongst all 5 classes (and 6 softcore characters + 1 hardcore lvl 7).

    3. Played GW 1, a bit of WoW (up to lvl 35), a bit of Cabal Online. For the record, I don't see Diablo 3 as a MMORPG (and I'm sure most people don't play it like it is).

    4. Nope

    5. Inferno
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    I'm going to answer below, but before that I wanted to say that this forum does have a polling option, so you could actually start a poll with several questions and get your data more easily if you'd like. Good luck with the project!

    1. Unsure, it really depends on whether high-priced items drop that I can sell.
    2. Since beta build 11.
    3. Yes, but just WoW (D2 before that, but not an MMO).
    4. Nope.
    5. Inferno.

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    Inferno and most of gold comes from selling on the AH
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    1) 50k-100k and if I'm lucky I get something I can sell. I'm not inferno yet so my number is lower.
    2) I'm at 60 hours total right now
    3) Diablo 1 and Diablo 2
    4) I have read several guides on making gold. Particularly regarding buying and selling on the AH rather than farming.
    5) Hell

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    1. Currently 2-4 mil an hour on average, it's a product of efficiency and lvl so its increased over time. 
    2. 500 hours give or take
    3. D2 but it was many years ago. Not much of a gamer really, this is the first game I've played extensively in maybe 5-6 years. 
    4. Not really, read forums like this one but that's about it. 
    5. Primarily Inferno 3/4, re-gearing now so dip into A2 also. 
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