Your farming route in 1.0.4?

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    Quote from Shiveron

    those guaranteed rares don't matter though because the max number of affixes a guaranteed rare from a boss/elite is 4. You will never get 5 or 6 property rares from them.

    Since I read this post I identified a dozen of guaranteed rares and they all had 4 affixes :( (if anyone is interested I have 312 mf including the 5 NV buffs). I know a dozen items is not a meaningful sample size, but I wish I never read this post !!!
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    Clear stonefort

    Clear 3 levels of Keep depths

    Port to bridge of korsiekk, clear up to rakkis crossing and clear that too, go check for underbridge..

    Port to arreatcreater level 1, clear both levels,

    port to tower of the cursed and clear it

    port to core of arreat clear it, and kill azomodan.

    Repeat !

    Takes very little time with archon 100k dps wiz with 310+mf.... i clear it in like 1.5 hours i guess
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    I recently started farming A2. I do sewers, oasis, all of Kulles areas, Kulle, Cave of the betrayer / vault of the assassin then Belial. This is quicker than farming A3 and I get a decent # of 63's.
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    3rd and 2nd Keep of depths
    Rakkis crossing down to bridge
    All arreat.

    takes 25-30minutes.
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